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Top 7 Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy in 2023

Living a healthy life in 2023 is one of the key goals for many individuals. But unfortunately, not so many are able to keep up with the new resolutions.

If that is so in your case, it is not too late to start all over again, especially in your 70s or 80s. To help you make this happen, consider the following tips that experts at Capital City Nurses have suggested:

1.      Take a Healthy Diet

Normally, diets rich in lean meats, vegetables, and fruits can boost your immunity and protect you against harmful bacteria and viruses causing illnesses. Vegetables and fruits serve as a source of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the cells from any damage and keep the body healthy.

Limiting your intake of fatty and sugary foods that trigger inflammation and simultaneously lower your immunity is also imperative. Moreover, limit your consumption of alcohol. Talk to your primary doctor about the same amount of alcohol you should drink every day or per week.

2.      Consider Home Care Service

Taking care of seniors isn’t easy. It feels exhausting and takes time – something many people don’t have. This is where home care services Bethesda MD comes to play. There are a lot of options to choose from, and making the right decision may not be easy.

In order to make your decision much easier, there are several things you should remember. For instance, you will need to determine what kind of support is available to you at home and the costs for care services. You will also need to know the difference between a nursing home and home care and then talk to your primary doctor to advise you further.

3.      Exercise Regularly

Engaging in physical activities is one of the important things you may do to improve your health holistically and physically. According to health experts, physical exercise has proven helpful in easing anxiety and depression and improving or preventing chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Physical exercise is also helpful in improving strength, balance, and flexibility. All these are primary factors that protect against falls.

Physical activities don’t have to be structured exercise regimes. Daily tasks, including going for walks, playing with your grandkids, and doing housekeeping chores, all help. Before altering or changing any training program, talk to your physician for approval and recommendations. But in general, you should aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise and accompany it with the following:

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Flexibility

4.      Hydrate Well

As you age, the capability to notice thirst can start declining. That means it will be hard for seniors to take enough water and become susceptible to dehydration. Taking enough water throughout the day is an effective way to be hydrated. However, you might find it hard to remember to do so or prefer taking flavored beverages.

The best way to make this much easier to hydrate well and increase your water intake is always to carry one or two bottles of water everywhere you go. In addition, you should try to add frozen or fresh fruit to improve your water’s flavor.

Dehydration might make you more prone to memory loss, poor concentration, or fatigue. You may improve your daily water intake by eating foods rich in moisture, such as cucumber or watermelon.

5.      Get a Vaccination and Go for Medical Screenings

Preventive care service is important for every senior to maintain their well-being as well as health. Vaccinations and medical screenings may help prevent and detect health issues before they even become serious.

As a senior, you must schedule regular screenings and check-ups for cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. Vaccinations, too, are important, including vaccines for Covid-19, shingles, pneumonia, and flu.

Before deciding, you must talk to primary care doctors about the recommended vaccinations depending on your age, lifestyle, and medical history. By taking a more proactive approach to your health and going for recommended vaccinations and screenings, you will always stay healthy as well as enjoy quality life.

6.      Have Enough Sleep

Frequent insomnia and waking up are very common among many seniors. However, it is vital to maintain regular schedules so as to maintain good health.

Sleep hygiene basically means setting and sticking to healthy sleep routines, which may improve your capability to stay asleep and fall asleep.

Simply going to your bed and waking up at the same time daily will help your internal clock sync to your everyday schedule. Remember to avoid napping in the daytime, and don’t take caffeine or alcohol in the evening.

In addition, it can help to turn off the lights in your bedroom to spur drowsiness. Your bedroom should also be quiet, cool, and comfortable.

7.      Make New Friends and Stay in Touch with the Old Ones

Life always feels better when you spend time with close friends and family. Research shows that socially active senior lowers the risks of dementia/depression, possesses better cognition, and have good health in general.

Although physical limitations might make it a challenge to expand your social circle or see friends and family pass away as you age, it is completely understandable that being active socially will be hard.

But with social media sites, you may look for your old friends and get new ones when you proactively decide to engage in the community and choose hobbies, allowing you to interact in a group.

Meeting other individuals from all walks of life and establishing a healthy relationship, which exposes you to a school of thought and new life experiences, can help enrich your life and stay positive. Not to mention, being a member of a social community or group help to inspire positive living and boost your sense of belonging.

The Takeaway!

Staying healthy and fit takes time and commitment, especially as you grow older. But all these don’t have to feel daunting. By starting small and being consistent with healthy lifestyle practices, a healthy life will eventually be a habit.

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