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Staying Glamourous in Your 60s and Beyond

One of the biggest myths around older people, and women in particular, is that we lose interest in fashion as we get older. When we’re young, we’re often guilty of thinking that when we are 60, we’ll wear boring, comfortable clothes, keep our hair short and ditch the makeup.

But more and more older women are finding pleasure in fashion, taking inspiration for style icons like Helen Mirren, who are comfortable in their bodies, confident, and happy to wear colorful and glamourous outfits. Older women shouldn’t feel the need to hide away, and with the growing confidence and wisdom that come with age, it can actually be easier than ever to be glamourous.

Enjoy a Thriving Social Life

No matter how old we are, most of us are guilty of leaving of most expensive and luxurious clothes in our wardrobes for special occasions. As we get older, these special occasions become fewer, and our nicest clothes get forgotten.

Giving yourself an excuse to dress up is one of the best, and most fun, ways to stay glamourous as you age. But with special occasions few and far between, you need to give yourself permission to get your best outfits out for dinners with friends and other day-to-day social events.

If your social life is stilted in old age, you might find that moving into assisted living St Louis helps you to make new friends and gives you plenty more chances to dress up.

Don’t Stick to the Rules

When it comes to fashion, there are so many rules and things that we should and shouldn’t do. As an older person, you’ll read that you shouldn’t dress younger, you shouldn’t show certain parts of your body, and you shouldn’t wear new trends, which are designed for younger people.

The key to staying glamourous is enjoying fashion and wearing clothes that you love. This means forgetting the rules. Let yourself wear things that you love and feel confident in, and you’ll look amazing, no matter how many rules you are breaking.

Enjoy Fashion and Beauty

Your shopping habits might have changed as you’ve got older, as you no longer want to spend hours on your feet in a busy shopping mall. But thanks to online shopping, this doesn’t mean that you lose access to clothes and beauty products. Let yourself experiment with new things, shop around and find new brands. Read fashion and beauty blogs, try things on, and make the most of apps for vintage and second-hand clothes to help find your style without being trapped by high street trends.

Play with Color

As we get older, we’re tempted to hide away. We do this by wearing greys and beiges and by keeping hair and makeup natural. But why should you hide? Why shouldn’t you be noticed? Women over 50 are often invisible, and they shouldn’t be. Play with color and prints; don’t be scared to see. Getting older is a privilege which should be celebrated.

Staying glamourous in your 60s and beyond is a great way to enjoy your later years. It’s also a way to chance perceptions, and to show the world what older women can offer.

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