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Decoding the Stem Cell Science Behind CALECIM’s Proprietary Ingredient: PTT-6

The integration of stem cell science in the landscape of skincare holds many promising avenues for combating the effects of aging. CALECIM® Professional is one such brand that is gaining traction among dermatologists, medical aestheticians, and skincare experts globally for employing such technology in the fight for a thorough and effective transformation in aging skin. Its foundation in groundbreaking stem cell mechanisms, initially explored for treating various diseases, sets it apart in the skincare market with its goals to boost skin regeneration and support overall skin health

Clinical trials and collaborations with medical professionals globally have demonstrated that the topical application of CALECIM®’s stem cell skincare products stimulates the shedding of old cells and the proliferation of new ones. This, in turn, shortens skin cell turnover from 40 to 28 days, and encourages many visible effects, including reduced pigmentation, restored skin fullness, enhanced facial definition, fewer fine lines, and lowered inflammation — all of which have been observed in patients within a mere 14 days of usage.

CALECIM®’s creams and serums—composed of a rich, patented array of growth factors—target swelling and redness, most notably from post-procedure discomfort, and promote extended skin cell turnover and rejuvenation. Hence, it’s used as a professional microneedling serum. These growth factors are derived from ethically sourced stem cells, and host proteins like exosomes, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and fibronectin. And it’s here that the heart of its innovation lies; in the proprietary ingredient PTT-6®.

This component is key to CALECIM®’s deep understanding and effective use of stem cell technology. PTT-6® stands out as a crucial cell messaging ingredient derived from a breakthrough by CALECIM®’s parent company, CellResearchCorp. After 20 years of research, scientists discovered and patented a unique source of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells, which are powerful cells that secrete proteins responsible for cell regeneration and repair. This creates a formula rich in skin-building proteins, nutrients, exosomes, and growth factors, and provides an array of anti-aging, regenerative, and healing benefits.

Because aging is intricately linked to the diminishing quantity and quality of stem cells with age, these effects weaken the body’s ability to combat environmental damage and resist the effects of gravity on the skin. For example, aged skin may experience a slowdown in epidermal cell turnover from 28 days to 40 days or more, which results in the insufficient production of glycoproteins in the dermal layer, which leads to sagging skin. The water retention abilities of the cells are slowly weakened, and the skin begins to accumulate pigment

Stem cells, as the fundamental building blocks of the body, possess the ability to transform into various cell types, therefore their role in the renewal and repair processes, including those in the skin, underscores their significance in the context of aging. The mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells that are pivotal in renewing and repairing the skin assist in maintaining its tightness, elasticity, and overall health. Epithelial stem cells can transform into surface lining cells, like those in the epidermal layer of the skin, while mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into structural cells, including the dermal layer of the skin. These stem cells send out exosomes that act as messages regulating skin function, prompting old cells to shed and new cells to proliferate. Additionally, they play a vital role in wound healing by encouraging the production of new skin cells.

CALECIM® creates an optimal environment for the skin to reproduce essential nutrients required for a healthy appearance. It’s recommended by dermatologists for offering the novel PTT-6® formula that promotes cellular revitalization and is present in the rejuvenative creams that work to enhance skin shape, restore volume, improve resiliency, increase moisture, and minimize facial lines and wrinkles. Laboratory observations suggest that the skin regenerates faster, develops denser epidermal layers, and heals more rapidly when exposed to PTT-6®, mimicking the characteristics of young, healthy skin. These contribute to the strength, shape, fullness, and cellular communication necessary for skin health.

The active ingredients that exist in CALECIM®’s PTT-6® formula bind themselves to the epidermal layers to deliver major rejuvenating effects, each one fulfilling a variety of purposes: Collagen provides strength, shape, and form to skin cells, while albumin maintains osmotic pressure, which is essential in maintaining skin turgor and fullness. Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural hydrator and volumizer to the skin, capable of holding 1000 times its molecular weight in water, and fibronectin supports skin integrity by binding to collagen and increasing its strength. And as mentioned previously, peptides, glycoproteins, exosomes, and growth factors are the main building blocks of protein that facilitate cellular communication for restoration and rebuilding.

CALECIM®’s product range caters to diverse skincare needs. This includes the Professional Serum which aids recovery and enhances anti-aging effects post-procedure, the Multi-Action Cream, which targets loss of elasticity, skin volume, density, and facial definition, and the Restorative Hydration Cream which works to replenish hydration levels to boost glow and radiance. The Professional Pigmen Solution addresses hyperpigmentation by getting to the root of skin discoloration through a range of gentle actives. The brand’s Recovery Night Complex is a cult favorite for delivering immediately refreshed complexions the next morning. The range of rejuvenative creams and stem cell serums aspire to enhance skin shape, restore volume, improve resiliency, increase moisture, and minimize facial lines and wrinkles, with tangible results becoming evident in as little as two weeks. Together, they are endorsed by dermatologists for offering their distinctive formula derived from ethically sourced stem cell extracts that promote cellular revitalization and skin renewal.

In conclusion, CALECIM® Professional, with its innovative stem cell technology and the key ingredient PTT-6®, represents a significant advancement in the field of skincare. By addressing the root causes of aging and leveraging the regenerative properties of stem cells, this skincare range aims to provide effective solutions for promoting skin health and vitality.