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How To Make Homemade Sunscreen for Hair and Benefits

Sunscreen for hair, having a healthy, smooth, and stiff mane is a difficult task. The dyes, irons, or dryers are slowly damaging our hair. In summer, the sun, saltpeter, and chlorine add to this.

To prevent our hair from weakening and rough. It is essential to use the appropriate products. In recent years, sunscreens for hair have become fashionable.

These can purchase in pharmacies, herbalists, or even in the supermarket. When choosing products for hair or skin, you have to check the compounds with which they made.

To avoid applying harmful chemicals or parabens to your hair, we recommend preparing your hair sunscreen.

Oils are great allies for hair health throughout the year due to their moisturizing and restorative function.

What are the Essential Oils For Hair?

sunscreen for hair


    1. The virgin olive oil is a star product for hair. Many refer to it as “liquid gold” for its many beneficial properties. Ideally, apply a few droplets of media to ends without exceeding.
    2. You can use it before the shower or after leaving the sea. Knock your hair up in a bun to leave it on until you get home.
    3. Another oil with magical properties is sweet almonds. Prevents hair from burning and provides a natural shine.
    4. The best thing is that it is enough to apply it for 10 minutes and then rinse. Thus, it is perfect for using the beach or pool.
    5. There is a wide variety of essential oils that deeply hydrate, repair, and nourish hair. Among them, it stands out that of flax seeds, jojoba or argan oil.
    6. All of them can be applied both before and after sun exposure. To apply these products, it uses a container with a spray diffuser.
    7. It will be more comfortable and easy to carry, and you can also control the amount of product better. Apart from UVA rays, chlorine and nitrate also damage hair.
    8. To protect your mane, we teach you how to prepare a sunscreen for your hair. It also prevents damage caused by chlorine and nitrate.


  • Two tablespoons of cream sunscreen.
  • 100 ml of oil (argan, sesame, jojoba, sweet almonds)
  • Eight drops of essential oil.


  1. Take a saucepan and pour the oil, heat over low for two minutes without letting it boil.
  2. Remove from the heat and let it warm.
  3. Add the sun cream and mix well until the ingredients melt. Pour into a spray can.
  4. Take the essential oil and add it in sunscreen and shake.
  5. Let it rest for two hours and keep it in the fridge before using it or taking it to the beach.

The Benefits Of Sunscreen For Hair

sunscreen for hair

  • The most common thing is to think directly about the typical beach cream and never a sunscreen for your hair.
  • We care so little about our hair that when it is brittle or dull, we throw our hands at our heads.
  • In addition to the abusive use of the dryer, the damage caused by sunlight is just as damaging.
  • The heat dehydrates the hair, and the UV rays weaken it and alter its color.
  • Nor should we forget the usual cold of these dates. The combination of both is fatal for our hair since it causes excessive drying, producing a more matte and dull tone and split ends.
  • So there is no other: you have to use sunscreen for your hair.
  • If you don’t know any, don’t worry, we have something for you.
  • Among its many benefits, softens hair, repairs damaged hair, controls frizz, an antistatic effect, detangles and chills, and protects color.
  • Its application consists of two phases, achieving a specific impact on each one.

1. Protect

  • Apply the product before doing outdoor activities, since it protects the hair fiber. It fights the effects of free radicals, protects color up to 38%.
  • It prevents greenish reflections, fights dehydration, and minimizes salt residues.

2. Repair

  • Go back to your home, and take a shower, apply the product to about 20 cm. It is valid for any time and does not need rinsing of any kind. Super comfortable!
  • Get your sunscreen for your hair, and keep it protected and repaired 365 days a year!

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