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4 Supplements to Consider Adding to Your Life in the New Year

Supplements – For many people, a new year is the perfect opportunity to recommit to health and wellness and perhaps introduce new and improved habits to their daily life. The truth is, health is important all year round, and we should be striving to make it a priority right now.

One area of health that’s really been growing to become a booming industry is supplements and health boosters. The world is very much interested in these health supplements that can help us achieve whatever health goals we’re aiming for, or to give us a much needed boost to solve a deficiency. There are tons of supplements out there, and honestly, it’s really difficult for us to figure out what we should be taking and why. To make it a bit easier, here’s a quick guide on the supplements that have become popular, and why people can’t stop raving about them.


In 2021, MCT has become the new buzzed-about supplement that health enthusiasts can’t stop talking about. In intermittent fasting circles, this oil has become a much loved dietary supplement for people who want to meet their fat loss goals. But many people don’t actually know why this product has gained so much fanfare. MCT, also known as medium-chain triglyceride, is derived from sources like coconut oil, and the purpose it serves is to help you feel full so that you can curb cravings. People often take this with their coffee in the morning so that they can stay on course with their intermittent fast, and still feel sharp and energized enough to face the day.


When people ask celebrities like Halle Berry how they are able to maintain gorgeous, glowing skin, they’ll often mention taking collagen supplements, but what makes collagen such a powerful skincare supplement and great for a lot of other things? Collagen is a protein that actually occurs naturally in our bodies, and it actually serves many purposes including the elasticity of our skin. As we age, collagen starts to dwindle, so supplementation helps to maintain better looking skin and other functions. It’s also believed that this supplement can help with diet and weight loss. Collagen can be taken in a powdered form which some people put in their smoothies, or it can be taken as a capsule.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement is one of the biggest growing health categories because it has really been helping people restore their health and wellness. Many people suffer from hormone deficiency that mess up everything from sleep to weight loss and brain function. Both men and women can benefit immensely from restoring hormonal balance to their bodies.

HRT has been around for a long time, but lately we’ve seen one huge and pivotal development, the rise of bio identical hormone pellets. Countless women and men have now made the switch to bioidentical hormones because this variety of hormones is chemically the same as the hormones your body produces. This means you won’t have to deal with intense fluctuations or a heavy adjustment period, which makes the hormone replacement experience a lot smoother.

Vitamin D

Remember when we were younger, and we were taught that the Vitamin D we get from the sun is very important for our health? It’s still true today, and the challenge that we have today is that we spend so much time indoors that we don’t get enough of this vitamin D, which affects our wellness. This is why Vitamin D supplements are so important to our wellness – we need to be able to make up for what we’re not getting from the sun. Vitamin D supplements help make our bones stronger and improve our cognitive health, which is a huge boost.

Taking supplements is a great way to make your diet more balanced, and to introduce vital nutrients and vitamins that you might be lacking in your meals. There are many different supplements that we can add to our daily regimens, but it’s important to find the ones that will actually serve us well. Consider getting your blood work done so that you can figure out what your deficiencies are before you pile on a ton of new supplements into your diet. Additionally, supplements are just that, supplements to an already healthy diet and lifestyle. You can’t rely on them alone. Supplements alone won’t help you lose weight, or really improve your wellness, so you have to make sure you’re exercising, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and not eating heavily-processed foods.

This, along with the right supplements will help you achieve that amazing level and wellness we’re all seeking.

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