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5 Tests People Need in Their 30s

When you are in your twenties, you may feel that you are at the peak of your health. You have enough energy, and you are also starting to enjoy financial independence so you would feel that you are at the top of your game. However, once you reach your 30s, you are now a bit more susceptible to certain conditions so you should be more active in checking out your health status so that you would know what to do to continue being as healthy as you can be.

Regularly consult your doctor and undergo the laboratory test or tests that your doctor would recommend. There are actually a couple of essential tests that are normally taken according to one’s age group. The following are 5 tests that people need in their thirties:

Cholesterol and blood pressure

Because of our lifestyle, heart problems have become commonplace. That is why at our thirties, we should already start being aware of our heart health. Among the primary indicators of such is blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Depending on the results of your initial test, you would be asked to regularly have your blood pressure taken at most every two years, and your cholesterol levels after four or six years. When you reach your 40s, you may be asked to do both more regularly. But if there are indications that at this point, you need to improve your cardiovascular well-being, then your doctor may recommend more frequent checks already, especially if you are asked to take medications.

STI screening

Regular tests for sexually-transmitted individuals are recommended, especially when you are active. In fact, the CDC does recommend such tests for ages between 13 and 64. Sexually-active individuals are recommended to have STI screening at least every 6 months, but those at higher risk may even do so every 3 months. The ability to detect infection early can help prevent its spread, and also allows you from managing it so that complications will not arise. 

Skin check

There are a lot of reasons why it is also important to visit a dermatologist, and this goes beyond just managing aesthetic issues. Among patients aged 25 to 29, skin cancer is actually among the most common form of cancer. So even before your 30s, it is a good exercise to have a dermatologist check you out. But if you are already in your thirties and haven’t done so, it is highly recommended that you have yourself checked now.

Eye exam

Our vision is unlikely to remain in its performance as we age. Those with glasses from their childhood would already know that it is good to have your eyes checked at least once a year to be able to have the right prescription glasses. But if you are not wearing glasses and you’re already in your 30s, it’s a good idea to have your vision checked by an optometrist because you may actually need glasses for certain activities such as reading.

Aside from vision, you may also have yourself checked by an ophthalmologist for other potential eye problems so you have a better picture of your eye health.

Oral health check

It is common knowledge that visiting your dentist every six months is ideal. Make sure that you do so, especially in your 30s, to ensure that you prevent oral problems that can affect you later in life. It is good to have healthy gums and a set of teeth so that even as you grow older, you will be able to enjoy life especially when it comes to food.

Regardless of your age, visiting a doctor is always a good step in keeping yourself abreast with your overall well-being. But as you reach certain ages, it becomes even more important, especially to help prevent, or even help you catch certain problems when they’re still manageable, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

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