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4 Tools to Boost Your Meditation

Meditation is a powerful, accessible, and beloved self-care tool for millions of people. This ancient practice has taken both practical and spiritual value for thousands of years, and it’s undergone recent revival thanks to social media. Research self-care and you’re bound to come across dozens of articles encouraging you to take on meditation. You may already have an established practice, or perhaps you’re interested in learning how to meditate. In any case, these tools can make your practice more effective and grounded.

Singing Bowls for Meditation

You may already be familiar with the health benefits of healing stones as they are quite common in meditation, although singing bowls are less common they are no less effective. A singing bowl is actually an inverted bell. It produces beautiful harmonies that can echo for minutes after being struck. Some believe that singing bowls produce healing sound frequencies, which you can play to soothe symptoms of anxiety, depression and more. While they are incorporated into some religions, anyone can use a singing bowl to meditate.

The bowls are best used to hone your concentration. Focus on the sound, allowing it to completely fill your head and body. With each stroke of the bowl, take a deep breath. This is also a great tool for someone who finds it difficult to meditate. A singing bowl gives you something to concentrate on while still encouraging mindfulness and focus. As a note of caution, pregnant women, people with epilepsy or metal allergies should avoid Tibetan singing bowls.

Tarot Cards

The arcane beauty of tarot can be harnessed by anyone with a willing mind and open heart. Tarot is not about predicting the future or trying to outrun fate. Instead, the cards are a way for you to connect more intimately with your thoughts and realize deep truths about yourself. As part of a meditation practice, tarot cards offer a unique theme to focus on as you move through deep breaths. You can choose to shuffle a deck and draw one card, or you may do a whole spread and focus on any emerging themes you identify. Have fun getting to know the cards. You can even get friends and family involved by offering to perform a free reading and incorporating meditative breathing into the process.You can as well get yourself acquainted with the tarot cards each zodiac has to make it more personalized. One way to do so is to search for them on the Tarot website, another way is to look for more info on astrology signs and dates and specify the cards each zodiac sign has. For instance, for Aries the tarot card is The Emperor, for Taureans, it is the Hierophant, etc.


If you like to smoke cannabis or CBD before meditation, then a vaporizer is a value tool to purchase. Vaporizers are safer and healthier than rolled joints, and they can be purchased at a discount price if you shop from an authorized reseller for major brands. The calming effects many people experience from vaping can help your thoughts feel more manageable during your practice, and you may enjoy the euphoric sensation that smoking induces for some people. Always practice safety, and speak to a doctor before taking any new substances.

Meditation Stool

A meditation stool encourages good posture, which is important for energy alignment. While you need not adopt a new life philosophy to meditate, it can be interesting to learn about the ancient beliefs that gave rise to the art. Meditation is believed to help balance the body’s energy, which are situated in seven distinct points called chakras. A meditation stool keeps the spin straight and chakras flowing in the appropriate direction. Combined with mantras or affirmations, this can support an energy healing practice.

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