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Top 6 Tarot Cards for Positive Change

Tarot cards are deep and full of meaning. When read, they can offer revealing visions of a person’s life, providing insights or clarity into decisions that have been made or potential decisions. It depends on which cards emerge when the reading is performed.

There are two types of tarot cards in a standard 78-card deck: major arcana cards, which denote big life events, and minor arcana, which denote small, day-to-day events. The minor arcana is broken into four groups: cups, wands, pentacles and swords. Each group represents particular elements and their meanings can be fluid depending on how the cards are laid out.

Being Open To Change

Change can be good or bad and sometimes even the best tarot card reading doesn’t tell you which. People can be afraid of change because of its unknowns. Part of the tarot philosophy, though, is to embrace what the cards reveal to you and to process the information that they deliver, with an understanding that the future is not set in stone, but can always be affected by your energy.

Understanding Your Reading

A tarot reading can show you who you are and who you are becoming. The cards become a mirror of sorts, reflecting back to you in the way of a reading. Astrology psychics advise honesty when receiving a reading because the information that you provide provides clarity to the reading. Readings are not designed to divine your future but they reinforce things you know about yourself and illuminate things that you might not have considered.

Top 6 Tarot Cards for Positive Change

  1. The Fool

The Fool card represents a fresh start or a leap of faith. It reveals the point where everything begins, ends and begins again. It is as though the universe is encouraging you to begin your next adventure because the Fool card suggests unlimited potential.

  1. The Empress

The Empress card represents the ever-unfolding source of power and fertility. As the nurturing card of growth, the Empress wants to help facilitate your actualizing into the best version of yourself. Her card suggests a future replete with abundance and fertility.

  1. The Chariot

The Chariot card suggests a triumphant feeling of freedom, victory and momentum. The Chariot card represents your ability to achieve victory, despite challenges, by controlling what’s around you. It reflects empowerment and confidence moving forward.

  1. The Wheel of Fortune

This card symbolizes the inevitability of change and turning a cycle. It speaks to beginnings and endings, acknowledging that life is full of highs and lows, but the turning cycle can free us from the past. This card is powerful in its positivity comes from the wisdom to know that change will happen. It is associated with success, elevation and felicity.

  1. The Star

Love and relationship psychics will tell you that the Star card represents hope and positive revelations of the future. It is the universe revealing that you should have faith in any changes to come.

  1. The World

This card represents assured success, completion and accomplishment. In terms of love, the World card may indicate positive changes like marriage or childbirth.

Tarot cards are fascinating. They can reveal things that people can use to achieve self-awareness. Check out an online astrology site to learn more about tarot cards and readings.

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