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Top 8 Signs That You Need Therapy

While most of us don’t hesitate to see a doctor when we’re feeling physically unwell, accepting that we need psychotherapy can be a lot harder. But needing therapy doesn’t mean you’re crazy or somehow “broken.” Nearly 20 percent of people in developed countries resort to therapy during any given year, and most of them find it helpful while some even find it life-changing.

Unlike a doctor’s visit, you don’t even have to be there in person. The best online therapy platforms are an increasingly popular choice for those struggling to afford regular therapy, or who are embarrassed about opening up in a face-to-face environment. Here are some signs that you might benefit from therapy.

1. Feeling Overwhelmed

Whether it’s your job, your studies, your relationships, or a combination of these, there are times when we feel so overwhelmed and stressed out that we don’t know which way to jump. While some stress is good for us, too much stress is very harmful indeed. When you don’t know how you’re going to cope, you aren’t coping, and getting some solid advice from an impartial source is a good idea. The alternative could be making bad choices or having a complete meltdown. Save yourself by getting help.

2. You’re Struggling to Sleep Properly

When you lie down to sleep at night, your mind is racing so much that you can’t just relax and fall asleep. Or, you wake up in the night with your mind racing. When you dream, your dreams are troubling and unpleasant. Without sufficient sleep, you can’t function properly, so it becomes a vicious circle in which you become increasingly exhausted and unable to cope. Chances are, you need therapy before your mind goes into a state of total collapse. Don’t wait for it to happen.

3. You Have Troubled Relationships or Feel Isolated

Feeling isolated and having difficulty in maintaining good relationships are signs of issues that could be resolved through therapy. Once again, it’s a cycle you need to break free from, because the more isolated you are, the more likely you are to feel depressed and stressed out. Escape the downward spiral by committing to a course of therapy.

4. You’re Constantly Worried and Anxious

It’s natural to feel worried and anxious at times, but if you feel that way most of the time, something needs to change. It may not even be the way you’re wired that’s causing the problem, but your circumstances. But when you make decisions based on a negative state of mind, they’re far more likely to be bad ones. Therapy can help you to reach a place of calm from which you can evaluate your life and make the right choices for change.

5. You Have Difficulty Managing Your Emotions

We can’t help experiencing negative emotions at times. But if you’re having trouble with processing them or with responding in an appropriate way, it can be very damaging to both your personal and professional life. It could also be a sign of deeper issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sorting through your emotions, why they get triggered, and how you react when experiencing them is best done with the help of a therapist.

6. You Have a Bad Relationship With Food

While undereating gets a lot of attention in the press, disordered eating can also manifest as overeating. The real cause of your poor relationship with food is likely to be psychological. You may even already know why you over-or-undereat, but you will need support in order to address it. It’s not just your mental health that’s at stake. You’ll enjoy better health if you work on improving your eating habits.

7. You are Experiencing Grief or Trauma

Even some of the people closest to you may seem to have difficulty dealing with your response to bereavement or trauma. They may seem to think that you “just need time to get over it.” It may take a bit more than that. Both grief and trauma are long-term things, and coping with life afterward can be very difficult indeed. A trained therapist will be better-equipped to help you in processing your feelings.

8. You Abuse Substances to Cope or Have a Guilty Secret

There are many types of addiction and self-abuse, and substances are only one of these. There’s usually a reason why you turned to substances in the first place, or why you still do things that you yourself know are bad for you. You may not even be aware of them except in the vaguest of terms. A therapist can help you to unravel the knot and break free from patterns that could ultimately be (or already are) extremely harmful to your wellbeing.

Time to Show Your Commitment to Holistic Wellness?

In closing, let’s remember that wellness is a combination of body, mind, and spirit. Taking care of one while ignoring the others simply won’t work. There’s no shame in reaching out for help. In fact, it’s the smart thing to do!

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