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Top Reasons Why YOU need a Pooled Trust!

Pooled Trust – Do you need extra funds for medical care and special needs? If so, then consider using a pooled trust! This foolproof method is the way that you can continue providing benefits and acquire funds for community care. Let’s see what a pooled trust is, the details of who should apply, and the benefits of this funding method!

What is a Pooled Trust and why should I use it?

If you are disorderly as to what a pooled trust is, you’re not alone. Using a pooled trust can be confusing for those who have never heard of this type of program and financial method before. Since people may need financial help for certain programs in healthcare aids – such as Medicaid, Social Security income, and other benefits – they may be looking for ways in which they can keep themselves and their family afloat. One of the best methods of avoiding losing income and the right to any government benefit is a pooled trust – a pooled trust is a specific type of needs trust that is typically created based on a person’s specific needs. If you are in need of funding for medical care or other services, a pooled trust such as KTS Pooled Trust, will be able to provide you with specific benefits through a non profit organization.

  • A pooled trust makes it possible for many different organizations and non profit businesses to be able to help individuals who are in need of medical help. Since the pooled trust can help many different beneficiaries, the pooled trust is then able to provide additional funding, more services, and more resources to those who are in need. Along with the benefits that beneficiaries may receive from the pooled trust, recipients would also be able to access the benefits for the movement and partake in government programs.
  • Even though you may be sharing the funds with someone else in the pooled trust, the money that you are rich will remain your own – this means the way you are not sharing your funds with another person. Based on the specific type of trust that you are in, you may be working with a specific person who will be distributing funds to you based on your current financial Your needs will determine why this profesional who will be able to help you pay medical bills, expenses, and other fees.
  • However, individuals who want to use a pooled trust have to keep in mind that there are certain “catches” or drawbacks associated with this pooled trust. You need to make sure you are aware of the fees and the percentage that are kept within the trust and not allocated to any beneficiaries, helping reimburse the government, and the organizations for their services.
  • If you’re considering a pooled trust, this could be a good option. You should consider this choice if you find that you have a lack of funds in your name, you need to pay for intensive services, and you have special needs.

Benefits of a Pooled Trust

There are numerous benefits to a [pooled trust] that you may consider before enrolling yourself or a loved one in this program.

  • Qualify for Medicaid or social security benefits – one of the main reasons that you should consider using a [pooled trust] is that you will still hold your eligibility for qualifying for Medicaid or social security benefits. Medicaid is key to being able to receive healthcare support and services, especially if you have special needs. Using social security benefits is essential to many people being able to stay above the poverty line and being able to afford their expenses. Keeping these programs is key when it comes to using the funds associated with a [pooled trust].
  • Protect funds – another reason to use a [pooled trust] as an individual is that you can protect the funds that are needed to help your quality of life. If you find that you or a loved one has specific medical needs and you are not able to support yourself, using the funds in the [pooled trust] can help you keep a high quality of life.
  • Community care – the next benefit of using a [pooled trust] for your financial needs is that you can get care that you deserve within your local community. Without community care, you might have trouble paying for your daily expenses, fees, and bills. However, with a [pooled trust], you can continue receiving local medical care and financial support to help you keep afloat.
  • Avoid spending your savings – the next reason to use a [pooled trust] is so you can avoid spending your hard-earned savings. If you have put money aside and you find that your medical bills and other needs would slowly drain your savings, then you can use a [pooled trust] to avoid having to spend your funds too quickly.
  • Managed by experts – Another benefit of using a [pooled trust] is that you can rest assured that your money is managed by experts. Instead of having to worry about who will be in charge of your money, who will be distributing your money, and who will be monitoring your finances, you can rest assured that only experts are in charge of the [pooled trust].
  • No concern about a trustee – the last benefit of using a [pooled trust] is that you do not have to be worried about finding an appropriate trustee for the funds. Instead, the [pooled trust] is simply managed by a nonprofit organization who is able to accurately and proportionately distribute funds to all of the members of the pooled trust.


Even though a [pooled trust] can seem confusing, this finding methods to provide you with the necessary money to spend on medical care, special needs help, and other financial methods is key to staying afloat. By using pooled trust, you can still qualify for Medicaid and social security benefits, along with avoiding any worries that you may have about the distribution and allocation of funds. Since the [pooled trust] is monitored by experts and a nonprofit organization, you can rest assured that your money is well occupied care of!

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