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How To Transport Food Safely

Transport Food – If you are running a business that deals with food in general ,you should know how vulnerable food is to spoilage. As a rule, you should know how to properly package your foodstuffs, especially during deliveries. Here are some great tips for transporting food safely.

1.Utilize Durable Packaging

If you are going to transport food safely, you should make sure that you utilize packaging that is as durable as possible. When you choose your packaging, it really depends on what type of food you are going to transport.

For example, you are transporting eggs. This type of food is extremely fragile, and the slightest hit or drop could shatter them. With this in mind, you should use soft and pliable containers that will follow their shape, and keep them from rolling.

These containers should not be overly hard because the slightest movement could cause the eggs to smash against the hard surface, and totally ruin them.

2. Use Dry Ice

There will be times where you will need to transport food that needs to be stored at freezing temperatures. If you want to make sure that you get your frozen food delivered to its destination on time and still  fresh as ever, you should use dry ice.

This type of substance is extremely cold, and should not be touched or put in direct contact with food. When you use it to refrigerate food, the dry ice should be wrapped in a towel or plastic container. This will help retain the coldness without damaging the food.

3. Install Tamper Proof Tapes

During transport there will be times where the product could get tampered with. The delivery man might try to skim off a few pounds of produce, or have a taste of your products. You never know when it comes to logistics. All it takes is an undisciplined employee, and the whole operation will unravel. You should invest in security tapes. If you want top quality security tapes, you should try out Shosky tamper proof packaging. Their tapes are some of the best in the market.

4. Automate Key Aspects Of Your Operation

First things first, you should think about automating your food packing operations. While human workers are the norm for a majority of food production and transportation businesses, there are still chances of human error to occur. A worker might be a bit sleepy, and he or she might make a mistake.

On the other hand, if you invest in robotics automation, you could really lessen the chances of human error occuring.

5. Invest In An Efficient Delivery System

When you transport food, you should invest in an efficient delivery system. Remember that any kind of food will spoil. If you are not efficient with your delivery system, you will eventually be having trouble with your customers.

If you have the funds you should invest in a truck that has a freezer at the back. This will ensure that your food will be in freezing temperatures. On the other hand, if your business does not have access to a truck with a freezer at the back, then you will have to be creative. You should make sure the containers are as well packed as possible.

6. Take The Type Of Food You Are Delivering Into Consideration

When you have food transported, you will need to take the type of food you are delivering into consideration. Remember that every type of food has a specific expiration date, and hardiness against damage or contamination.

For example, youwill be transporting fruits. If the fruits have hard skins such as Durian, you could pack them in a cardboard box without too much accoutrements. Just stuff them in a box, with pieces of paper, and you could easily transport them. However, if you are going to transport fresh meat, then you will need to pack them as efficiently as possible. Make sure to wrap them in plastic, or use a truck that has a freezer.

As a whole, when you transport food of any kind, you should always take their durability and freshness into consideration.

7.Speed Is Key

When you deliver your products, you should make sure that you make the delivery period as short as possible. Remember that any type of food is perishable, and the longer it takes to deliver food, the more chances there will be of them getting damaged. No matter what type of food you are delivering, As a rule, speed is always key. If you want to speed up the packaging and loading process, you should invest in a pick n place robot. This type of robot arm is extremely efficient, and will no doubt speed up the packing process. If you want to invest in automotive robot arms, you should check EVS. The company makes some of the best pick and place robot arms, and has great robotic welding machine prices.

6. Makes Sure You Follow Proper Storage Techniques

One of the most important aspects of delivering food is proper storage techniques. This is especially important if you are transporting products such as fresh meat. All it takes is a few hours, and the meat will go bad very fast. During these instances, you should make sure that your vehicles or the delivery provider’s vehicles have proper storage features such as a freezer.

7. Cleanliness Is Key

When you transport any type of food, you should make sure that you follow sanitary methods in your storage. If you are going to move food in large numbers, you should make sure that the containers are as clean as possible. You should also make sure your workers have clean hands every time they touch the product. As a rule, you should have them use gloves or hand sanitizers during work hours.


If you want your food business to do well, you should make sure you transport your good in the safest way possible. With these tips, you’ll be able to transport your products as effectively as possible.

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