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Traveling to the Beach This Summer With Your Bike, 2022

Traveling to the Beach – To some, nothing says “summer” more than cruising along a boardwalk or a palm tree-lined street on a beach cruiser bike. These functional and stylish bicycles allow riders the opportunity to take it all in: the wind in their hair as they cruise past swaying palm trees, the seagulls soaring overhead, the stunning ocean views at sunset, and the crowds of effervescent beachgoers. A bike to cruise around on is as crucial for a proper day at the beach as a tote full of towels, snorkeling gear, and sunscreen. Here is a guide to help you get the most out of a beach trip with your bike.

San Diego or Bust

San Diego has an enviable climate, a world-famous zoo, LEGOLAND for your young or young-at-heart travelers, and, most importantly, a myriad of postcard-worthy beaches. It’s a prodigious city with many shops, restaurants, and attractions to explore. If you prefer to get around on a bicycle, the city has catered to cyclists by adding hundreds of miles of bike lanes.

In a city like San Diego, primarily known for its beaches, a beach cruiser bike would be the ideal choice for most. Beach cruiser bikes offer a blend of style, functionality, and comfort. Though single-speed beach cruiser bicycles are better suited to flat terrain, higher-end options with up to seven speeds exist if you want to ride uphill or cover more ground.

If you’re a more casual bicyclist who doesn’t want to put in much work as you cruise around the city, look into  step through electric bike, as they may be the best choice. Electric options don’t require the physical workload that motorless bikes do, and the adventure is exciting with either style. These bicycles are better suited for those who want to avoid the physical strain of regular bikes or get around faster without wearing themselves out.

Electric Fat Tire Bikes Are the New Rage

If you’re searching for a workhorse option to get around on, look into fat tire electric bikes. Whether you’re an experienced rider looking for something with a little more edge or are brand new to riding, a fat tire bike for sale is sure to offer exhilaration and fun, as it can handle nearly any terrain. With an electric fat tire bicycle, you can easily cruise on a sandy beach while having the time of your life.

Additionally, fat tires offer a smoother ride than regular-sized tires do, lending themselves to greater comfort, ease of use, and decreased physical workloads. Some bikes’ frames are ergonomically designed for increased comfort on longer rides, eliminating the soreness that often follows a lengthy bike ride and, consequently, the need for a full-body massage after a ride. A good saddle that encourages proper riding posture and a frame with forward pedaling for proper leg extension can make all the difference in how you feel afterward.

If you’re traveling to the beach this summer, make sure you take your bicycle along. If you need a new ride for your upcoming beach expedition, visit a reputable bike company to find the best styles to meet your needs.

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