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Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Specification

Which of the following is not a type of technical specification specifications. They are documents in which the standards, requirements, and procedures to use and applied in all works of construction of results, preparation of studies, equipment manufacture are define.

Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Specification limits?

Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Specification

Specification limits are the values ​​between which products or services should operate. These limits are generally set according to the customer’s requirements. For example, you print labels for a shipping process. If the brands are too large or too small, they will not load correctly in a printer.

Examples specification limits

LEI = 2.5 LES = 2.687

The lower specification is 2,500 inches, and the upper specification is 2,687 inches. Any label that is smaller than 2.5 inches or more significant than 2.687 inches is unacceptable.

LEI = 80

Generally, a single specification limit is use. For example, a chemical company needs an inert gas to be at least 80% pure. Quality analysis sets a lower specification limit but not an upper one because the higher the purity, the better.

LES = 30

Instead, consider a call center where calls must be answer within 30 seconds. In this case, only a higher specification relevant because the faster a call is answer, the better Specification.

Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Specification Records

Specification Operating organizations must comply with requirements based on external and internal regulations. Which of the following Is Not  a type of specification records represent the technical specifications or equivalent regulations that apply in the organization

The relevant regulatory body approves the technical specifications of an individual plant. To maintain a license to operate, Following the plant, the operating organization must demonstrate compliance with the Specification technical. specification records and associate surveillance requirement Which of the following Is Not  a type of specification records created to represent the following types of regulations

Which of the following Is Not  a type of Different specification methods

Which of the following to classify them into descriptive performance and more functional. They Are different methods are recognize for the establishment of technical specifications. As the name implies, they represent the appearance and characteristics of the good or service.

The descriptive specifications attend to aspects of the good or service that are susceptible to measurement – being able then to understand all kinds of standard and scientific measures – or of appreciation by the senses. Although it had no prior knowledge, and for the development of goods or innovative services, extreme caution should be recommend when setting such specifications.

In this regard, and given the greater complexity that the establishment of technical specifications in terms of performance or functional requirements will imply for the contracting procedure, it recommend that this type of specifications be use only in those cases where the need to be satisfied exists. Various substitute goods and from the exploratory research of the market carried out by the requesting area, and it would not have been possible to determine the best option to satisfy the need.

For example, it is a highly dynamic market in which new goods with characteristics constantly appear.

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