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What Is Turnip? Types of Turnip, Properties, Benefits, And Recipes.

What Is Turnip?

We are talking about a vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family.

It is also known as white radish or cabbage, among other names. Although it has many species, the most commercialized and known is the one with white skin.

It is emphasizing that the area that protrudes or the upper area will always have different colors, similar to purple.

Because when it begins to rise on the earth, the sun is responsible for coloring it.

All those varieties smaller in size will always be destined for human consumption while the leaves use by livestock.

It says that turnip was one of the foods consumed by ancient civilizations. Both the Romans and the Greeks considered it a delicacy.

It extends over time, until the arrival of the potato, which appeared in Europe in the 18th century.

Turnip in Hindi Called Shaljam.

Types of Turnip

Types Of Turnip

Among the different kinds of turnip we have to highlight, the best known or the most used over the years:

The Golden Ball

Golden Ball Turnip

It bears this name because of its shape, almost perfect, rounded, and with a bright yellow color. It is one of the best known and also the oldest.

White And Purple

White And Purple Turnip

It is the most common. As we have mentioned, it is also a rounded shape in which we can highlight two different colors.

It is one of the main ones for the base and purple for its surface.

Tokyo Turnip

Tokyo Turnip

It is smaller in size than other types. Although it has a rounded shape, the upper one is flat. If eaten raw, it has a sweet taste.


Snowball Turnip

White is the protagonist of this type of turnip. Again, it will have a sweet and very juicy flavor.

The White Lady

With only 3 inches in diameter, it is another type that is well worth considering.

Although it has white throughout, we highlight a much brighter and more beautiful upper part.

Milan Red

A variety that is more conducive to cold areas, as they tend to resist winter temperatures very well. They are reddish.

Seven Top

This variety is different since here; the leaves are the protagonists and edible.

They have a high nutritional value and will be perfect in your daily salad dishes.


In this case, its shape will be more elongated and narrow. But its meat is still white and very tender.

Properties Of Turnip

The turnip has a high percentage of vitamin C. With only 100 grams of this food. We will have about 21 mg of vitamin C and 20 calories.

So it is essential if we are on a diet or if we want to maintain weight.

It should mention that the leaves are rich in antioxidants, also highlighting other vitamins such as A or K.

Among the minerals, we have to highlight calcium as well as iron or magnesium and copper.

To give us a more concrete idea, continuing with the 100 grams of this product.

We will obtain 6 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and 0 grams of fat.

Sodium will be 67 mg and 5% calcium, as well as 16% iron.

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Benefits Of Turnip

One of the benefits of turnip is its use in weight loss diets. It is low in calories and with a high fiber index.

It needs to be the protagonist in our healthiest dishes.

Turnip Improves Digestion

Thanks also to fiber, it helps digestion to be better. They are thus avoiding the problems of indigestion or gastritis, among others.

Cardio-Vascular Health

As it contains a high index of vitamins, among which we highlight K, it will be perfect for taking care of the heart, avoiding its common diseases.

Strong Bones

Calcium is also present in the tuber. So knowing this, it will be ideal for protecting the bones, leaving aside diseases such as osteoporosis.

Healthy Lungs

Thanks to vitamin A, this food will take care of the lungs, keeping them healthier, especially in smokers.


It will also take care of the skin and prevent premature aging. If you have dry skin, this will be an excellent remedy to say goodbye.

Prevents Cataracts

Eye health will also be in good hands.

Against Asthma

It has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to which the symptoms of this disease find.

How To Cook Turnip

It is true that when it comes to cooking the turnip, it can do in many ways.

Some people choose to take it raw and in salads. At the same time, others prefer baked or grilled.

The Turnip Sautéed

To do this, we must clean and peel it, as well as cut it into small strips or pieces. With a little oil and finely chopped onion, we will add them to the pan.

We will leave them for about 4 or 5 minutes, and that’s it. You can add a little salt or your favorite spices.

On The Grill

In this case, we must cut more substantial pieces. We place them on the grill and sprinkle minced garlic as well as a little oil.

We can also make a sauce and then add it to the turnips.

You can also chop them finely and add them to soups or creams, with a fantastic result.

For Salads

They are also essential. It is many people who choose to eat them raw and mixed with other ingredients that you like.

They will combine perfectly with all of them.

As a garnish for a meat dish, they will also stand out for their flavor and creativity

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