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5 Steps to Take Before You Visit a Diagnostic Centre in Bangalore

Diagnostic Centre – When you visit your doctor, they might ask for several tests to be done considering your disease or symptoms. These tests are necessary as they provide basic knowledge to the doctor about what’s going on in your body. The basic tests are CBC, liver and kidney function tests, urine & stool examination, blood glucose etc. The advanced tests might be X-ray, ultrasound, etc.

The technologies are so advanced that you might get the result on the same date. It must be because saving the lives of people depends on these results. So, depending on your condition, you will submit your samples in the clinic or directly to the pathology lab. The result will contain some values that a doctor might understand and evaluate your health issues if there are any.

So, for instance if I live in Bangalore and I must go for a routine check-up because I’m perfectly healthy and I want to keep it that way. I will do a Google search for a diagnostic centre in Bangalore. Then I will filter the results for a diagnostic lab near me. I will also search for the best diagnostic center in Bangalore and if it is around my location, I’ll visit there and submit my samples. It’s simple.

Five key things to keep in mind beforehand


A healthy body and mind are a blessing from the gods and if we have got one it’s our responsibility to maintain it. We should not tread lightly when it comes to our health. Even before covid, I used to start searching for diagnostic centres in Bangalore even if I had a light sneeze. You might call this over paranoid, but this has saved me a couple of times.

If you have some symptoms or any longing diseases, you should be aware of your health. You must have basic equipment at home such as a thermometer, and a BP monitor. You should make a proper record of your situation for your reference as well as the doctor’s reference. And never hesitate to go to a doctor and have the test be conducted as they will always check your health. And that’s the first step. A problem can only be rectified when it is found.


You should have a basic idea about the tests and if not, you should learn about them. For a general body checkup, you might benefit if you get a group of tests bundled at a good price. And always check with your doctor before having a test.

You will get a very reasonable price at almost all diagnostic labs in Bangalore as a full body checkup is a normal thing. Also, check if all the tests will be conducted at the same lab.

Be Insured

Always have good health insurance and make sure that your full body checkup as well as any other diagnostic tests are included. This will help you a lot as the tests are very expensive and if there is an emergency you might be running low on capital.

While going to a diagnostics centre in Bangalore do check if they accept your insurance, and your bill will be redeemed by the insurance company. There should be no confusion as some diagnostic centres in Bangalore do not accept some of the insurance claims due to an array of reasons.


Some light or deep research should be done about the centre you are visiting. If there are some:

  • Controversies or issues- If there are any issues or controversies surrounding the lab in terms of the previous records.
  • Doctors’ reviews- Through online portals, you can check doctors’ reviews about that lab and their preferred ratings.
  • Prices and offers- If you are online then you can check the prices of different labs and compare them according to the services and the tests they are providing. The prices will vary accordingly because some labs have heavy equipment and of course, services that they are giving.
  • Types of equipment- You’ll see on the online portal of the lab the showcase of their pieces of equipment. If you have some knowledge about that equipment, you may guess their prices beforehand. This equipment helps them to deliver precise results. If there is outdated equipment you cannot trust their results.
  • Experience of doctors and staff- You can find this information on their portal. Rather than simplifying it in one line that they “have experienced staff”. They might show the topmost faculties.
  • Services- The services that they are providing will impact your results. The test might be bundled in the form of combos as it is an easy and exciting way to sell the tests.
  • Online reports facility- Check if they provide online reports. If they do after taking the test confirm the whole process of how to check the reports online.
  • Accuracy and precision- You can also read doctors’ reviews and find how accurate and precise their results are. Their online portal will also market their accuracy and precision heavily.

Many Diagnostic Centre in Bangalore offer state-of-the-art facilities in terms of all these checkpoints. These points should be researched before visiting.


The precautions to be taken can vary depending upon the nature of the test. Like stool or urine sample does not require any precautions but some blood test demands you cannot eat before the test. So before booking the appointment ask about any precautions to be taken. Although a good Diagnostic Centre will inform you from their side, it’s also your responsibility.

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