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Vitamin Supplements. For Your Skin

Vitamin Supplements – We are only given one set of skin.  That is why it is so important to take good care of it.  If we don’t, we might end up really regretting it later in life.

Investing in our skin care early is one of the best ways to keep ourselves looking and feeling younger and fresher.  Obviously, aging isn’t something we can avoid.  Everyone gets older.  However, if we can find ways to ease the process along, I say why not!

There has been a lot of research about the benefits of various vitamins for our skin.  In this article, I’ll explain some of them and the ways they affect our skin.  After all, I consider the first step to be education!

Vitamin B and B Complexes

I will start with Vitamin B.  If you’ve never heard of this before, or are just looking for more information, you can check out this article  I know I prefer to read multiple sources before making any conclusions.

Vitamin B is actually eight different chemicals.  These are cobalamin (which helps prevent anemia), biotin (which helps in hair and nail growth), folic acid (building blocks of DNA, helps prevent birth defects in pregnant women), pantothenic acid (key chemical for brain functions), pyridoxine (aids the body in creating blood cells), niacin (helps to control cholesterol levels and promotes healthy skin), thiamin (helps to maintain organ health), and finally riboflavin (helps break down fats).

If that sounded a bit too much like a science class, I understand.  I listed them all to help you identify what ingredients to look for in a vitamin if you’re looking for this type.  Plenty of things are advertised to us, and I think we deserve to know what is in them and what they do!

Vitamin A

Vitamin supplements

The next nutrient I will discuss is Vitamin A.  This is one of the most important ones, in my opinion.  If you’re considering vitamin supplements for the skin, this type might be one to prioritize for you.

Okay, so I’ve told you it is important, but not why.  Let me remedy that.  It is one of the most important chemicals in promoting your body’s growth and development, down to the cellular level.  It also helps to maintain and boost your immune system’s function.

You can find it in many foods, of course.  Some of them are common in things like meat, dairy, and fish.  This kind is called “performed” vitamin A.  Meanwhile, the provitamin A are typically in vegetables.

There are a few other types, but I won’t get too technical this time.  Instead, I’ll try to explain why they are so important.  If you are deficient in Vitamin A, you might experience things like fertility issues, slowed growth (in childhood), night blindness, higher chance of getting an infection, and hyperkeratosis.

Zinc and Selenium

These are the final compounds I will touch upon today.  For more information on them you can look on this Web MD article about nutrients for your skin.  They are one of my go to sources for quick facts, so I’m sure it will be helpful for you!

Something really interesting about Zinc, that I never knew before, is that it is very present in the top layer of your skin.  It is the compound that is most responsible for the rate at which your skin heals after getting injured (such as a cut or a scrape).

It can also protect your skin from sun damage, specifically from UV rays.  Overall, it is surprisingly important in our skin health and something I never really considered!  Likewise for selenium.  If you are deficient in selenium, you are actually at higher risk for developing skin cancer.

Supplements are a Good Idea

I know sometimes, this sort of thing feels really overwhelming.  Managing our health can seem like an impossible balancing act.  However, I’m thankful for vitamin supplements – they make a lot of my nutrition a lot easier.

Since I’m such a picky eater, being able to take a pill or mix a powder into a drink and get the vital nutrients I need is incredibly convenient.  Try talking to a doctor or doing your own research as well – getting a vitamin is often really helpful!

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