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Waxing Write for Us

Waxing Write for Us

Waxing Write for Us – Waxing consists of pulling out the hair at the root using a wax strip, usually hot, and can be performed on all body parts. This is the method used in beauty salons. It is effective in getting rid of hair for several days or even weeks. Waxing is easy to use at home, using hot wax or strips of cold wax. Waxing is less effective on short, fine hair.

What are the Advantages and What are the Disadvantages?

Waxing smooths the leg for two to three weeks, and hair regrowth is gentle. Regular hair removal atrophies the hairs that grow back finer and sparser. On the other hand, it is not recommended for women with blood circulation problems and heavy legs. Waxing is a little painful, especially when the hairs are long and thick, as in the first session.

3 Types of Waxing

Hot or Warm Waxing

Depilation with hot wax is the most effective method: the heat that the wax provides opens the pores and facilitates the exit of the hairs. It is a pot to heat in the microwave or an electric heating roll-on. To avoid the risk of burns, it is possible to use a lukewarm wax, sold as resin beads. These two waxes can be used on the legs, armpits, and bikini.

  • Hot wax dilates blood vessels. It is, therefore, not recommended for pregnant women, sensitive skin, and people with venous insufficiency and varicose veins.
  • Before applying hot wax or lukewarm, it is essential to check the temperature of the wrist. Here is the process of using hot wax with and without strips.
  • In the case of hair removal without strips:
  • Apply a little wax in the direction of hair growth,
  • Press the spatula on the wax and wait until it no longer clings to it, then pull off with a sharp blow in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Cold Waxing

Requiring no preparation, cold waxing is the most convenient and quickest method. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the ready-to-use strips are ideal for waxing or for touch-ups in the event of the unexpected. Suitable for legs, arms, bikini lines, and face (to eliminate fuzz ), cold wax adheres less to hair than hot wax. Thus, it is not very effective in areas where the direction of the hair is not homogeneous (armpits) or on small areas that must then be reworked with tweezers.

The application then proceeds as follows:

  • peel off the protective paper,
  • apply the strip in the direction of the hair,
  • Press the strip for a few moments,
  • remove with a sharp blow in the opposite direction to the growth,
  • remove residue with wipes.

Oriental Waxing

Oriental waxing is the most natural solution. Easy to make at home, this wax contains only natural products (water, sugar, honey, lemon), reducing the risk of allergic reactions. It is less painful than other waxes and thus adapts to all skin types and body areas. Its sugar and honey content exfoliates the skin, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Put your hands under water so that the wax does not stick.
  • Take a piece of wax and give it a good consistency by stretching it 5 to 6 times between the two hands. If the result is too hard, just run your free hand underwater.
  • Gather the ball of wax in one hand, and spread it with your fingertips in the direction of hair growth on the area to be depilated.
  • Without waiting, pull sharply in the opposite direction of the thrust.
  • Reform into a ball and start again.

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