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From Simple to Bold, Here Are 5 Ways to Show Off Your Bra

Depending on your outfit, your bra showing may be inevitable. For decades, women were supposed to cover up and hid bras to remove the concept from society’s mind that they were even worn at all. Kind of like the old school, “women should not be heard” mindset of centuries past, undergarments have received the same silencing. The thing is, many women are fed up and tired of pretending that parts of the female experience don’t exist. Here is the reality: if you are a woman, you most likely wear a bra on a semi-regular basis, if not every day. On some days, the thought of hiding your bra straps may feel like a losing battle. So you know what? It’s time to stop trying so hard to hide it. We want to live in a society that acknowledges the entirety of the female experience, and that includes owning and wearing a bra. Bras should be seen and heard. So we say, “free the bra strap!”

Are you tired of those pesky nude straps slipping out and ruining your outfit? Are you tired of dealing with the discomfort of a strapless bra that just never seems to fit right all in the name of not having your bra straps show? It doesn’t have to be like this. It’s time to swap out those sad beige straps for some bras that are proud to be seen and heard. Sometimes, it’s best to simply embrace the bra and bust that you have and bust out some new style trends that will allow you to show off your bra rather than hide it. We understand that some women may have different comfort zones with this than others. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most simple and the most bold ways that your bra can have its shining moment.

Pick a bra color that compliments your outfit’s color scheme.

Rather than letting those basic nude bra straps pop out and mess up the vibe of your outfits, opt for a bra color that actually compliments your outfit. Whether it’s a fun color or print, matching your bra’s straps to your outfit is an easy way to make the most out of your outfit in a way that adds, not detracts.

Embrace a strappy shirt, by making it more strappy.

There are so many bralettes out there right now that have the most fun cuts and styles. Many of them have fun designs when it comes to straps. Lots of women enjoy capitalizing on this look and showing off the unique strap design by pairing it with a shirt that also has fun straps. You may most commonly see this look in athleisure looks and on women just getting out of hot yoga.

Undo a button, and let a hint of lace peek out.

If you are looking for a way to let your cute bra have its shining moment without feeling too wild, many women opt for a subtle peek of their most beautiful bra with their button-up shirts. Mimicking that of a lace camisole or bodysuit moment under a button-up, this look is sexy, subtle, and simple all at the same time.

Pair a sheer top with a colorful bra for a pop.

A bolder choice on the spectrum of things, one fun way to show off your favorite new bra is to wear it with a sheer top. In these cases, the bolder and brighter the better when it comes to color choice. Obviously, a nude bra under a clear shirt may just look like a fashion faux pas. So in order to avoid having this style look like an accidental bra mishap, pick a bright and colorful bra that is the focal point of the outfit and is clearly there to intentionally make a statement.

Choose a style of bra that matches the vibe of your outfit

It goes without saying, but having multiple bras for various different occasions is very important. A sporty outfit or an athleisure outfit is going to always be better paired with a sports bra. A flowy and free-spirited outfit will always look best with a strappy bralette. A romantic and sweet dress just simply always pairs well with a lacy bra. A summer outfit goes extraordinarily well with a bandeau paired alongside it. Know what type of vibe you are creating with your outfit, and then choose a bra to be seen that matches that vibe.

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