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What are free slots no deposit? 

Usually, if you want to start exploring what a casino has to offer gaming-wise, then you have to deposit it into your king casino account. For this to be made possible, you have to successfully pass an age verification process amongst other things, that have been set out by law, otherwise, you can forget joining casinos to play new UK slots altogether, if the details you provide do not check out.

Casino Freebies 

However, there is a way of getting something for nothing at casinos and you do not have to be a big spender or a VIP customer. Their freebies are not free because they must spend regularly before they are pampered with gifts. 

Joining A Casino: What Happens Next? 

Depending on the casino you join, players are usually presented with a few choices. The first and most widely used option in the industry is the deposit matching bonus. This essentially doubles your first deposit if the casino is willing to match your deposit 100%. If you deposit £100, the slot site tops it up with another £100 bonus cash. Of course, slot sites are a business that wants to reel you in so you can depart with your hard-earned cash and hopefully not take back much from the casino, whilst doing so. 

If casinos dished out no strings attached first deposit bonuses, then this business model would only fail. This is why wagering requirements are used across the industry, and these are a way of making it difficult to profit from bonus cash. 

Other Bonuses 

Some casinos give new customers free spins, this can be a standalone offer or part of a deposit matching deal. Free spins can come with or without wagering. Lump sums of cash are rare but still offered to customers by slot sites. However, to successfully activate this deal, you have to first deposit and spend a certain amount. 

Can You Play Slots for Free? 

To plays slots truly free with no deposit needed is possible. You can spin slots on demo mode at various slot sites or specialist websites. The difference here is that there is no gambling involved and the advantages are that you can’t lose any cash or get frustrated when things do not go your way. However, the disadvantages are that if you win big, you can’t withdraw your winnings. 

The other way to play risk-free slots is to join a casino that offers free spins that do not need a first casino deposit to activate the offer. The positives here are that you are not gambling with your cash, and you can win money for real. The negatives are that wagering requirements do apply to these winnings and so do other rules like caps on the amount you can win and withdraw. 

Another negative that is usually hidden in the small print and sometimes employed by casinos, is that you must deposit to release the cash won by free no deposit spins, and only then can you try and start to meet the wagering requirements.