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What Are Pain Relief Patches?

Pain Relief Patches – Pain patches are used by patients all over the world to manage chronic pain. They can be used by people suffering from chronic pain or acute pain, such as a muscle sprain. Pain relief patches have been proven time and again as an affordable way to manage chronic conditions like arthritis and back problems without relying on potentially harmful prescription medications that might cause addictions.

How Do Pain Relief Patches Work?

Pain relief patches are adhesive patches that you stick onto your skin to give yourself relief from chronic pain. They’re infused with pain-relieving ingredients and can be used for up to 48 hours.

Different types of medication are available to relieve chronic pain. Based on the needs and preferences of each patient, physicians may prescribe various patches that provide relief in different ways:

The most common include Lidoderm (lidocaine), which has anesthetic properties; Flector, an anti-inflammatory drug popularly referred to as diclofenac; and Duragesic or fentanyl, which acts as a pain reliever.

Pain patches work by delivering the medication through your skin. Most patches use a transdermal drug delivery system where the piece of fabric is infused with drugs or natural ingredients, and you then place it on your skin to apply the medicine. The medication is absorbed into your bloodstream and sent to the part of your body that needs relief from chronic or acute pain.

How to Use a Pain Patch

  1. Clean the area where you plan to apply the patch and dry it. Ensure the area is hair-free.
  2. Take out the patch from the pouch it comes in and peel off the protective lining without touching the adhesive side of the patch.
  3. Place it on the area you cleaned, press it against the skin for about 15 seconds, and ensure the edges stick firmly.
  4. Depending on the type, patches can be worn between eight to 48 hours, but if they fall off before time, dispose of them and repeat the procedure with a new one.

What Are the Benefits of Pain Relief Patches Over Oral Medication?

Fewer Side Effects

Unlike oral medication, pain relief patch medication does not need to go through the digestive system for absorption into the blood. From the skin, it is directly absorbed in the blood and therefore does not interfere with the digestion system or cause irritation to organs.

They are Not Addictive

Pain relief patches are infused with natural substances, and other components that do not create dependency or addiction like oral medication can sometimes do. They work by engaging the body’s electric system to block out any unwanted sensations in painful areas specifically targeted for relief.

Over the Counter Accessibility

Seeing that they are not addictive and have fewer side effects than oral medication, they are more accessible. You don’t need a prescription with most pain relief patches, meaning you can get them over the counter.

However, given the risks of over the counter medication, there is the need to purchase OTC pain relief medication from reliable vendors like The Wellspring pain relief medication and OTC pain patches come directly from manufacturers.

Instant Relief

Pain patches provide fast-acting relief and come in various forms. Some are designed to emit electrons which produce instant medicinal effects on skin cells, while others deliver medication through dermal diffusion or absorption at areas where they can be easily applied.


Pain patches are a great alternative to oral medication because you don’t need to carry medicine in your purse or take pills in public. You can simply wear the patch under the clothes and go about the day without any worries.

Long-Lasting Effects

Pain patches are a long-lasting alternative to oral medication. Pain relief from pain patch treatments lasts up to three times longer than the duration of an ingested pill or tablet, and you can wear your treatment continuously without having any side effects.

Pain relief patches are a great way to get instant pain relief from chronic or acute pain. The best thing about these adhesive patches is that you can use them for up to 48 hours, and they don’t cause addictions as opioids do.

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