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What to Expect in a Breast Implant Removal

During breast implant surgery, a synthetic implant is inserted into the mammary gland. Therefore, the implants aren’t designed to last for a lifetime (and changes in aesthetic desire can cause a desire to remove or swap implant size).

Whether it is due to an implant complication (such as rupture or leakage), capsular contracture (the hardening of the surrounding scar tissue), implant displacement, or an aesthetic reason, there may come a time to consider removing or exchanging your breast implants after a breast augmentation.

Breast implant removal (secondary breast surgery) comes in at this point. Plastic surgeons can revise or remove the implants. 

But what should you expect in a breast implant removal session?

What Happens During Breast Implant Removal?

An anesthesiologist administers pain control medicine for patients undergoing breast implant removal procedures. You may have general anesthesia or intravenous (IV) sedation. The procedure lasts for about one to three hours. 

During the removal:

  • The plastic surgeon makes an incision under your breast’s lower fold (inframammary fold), around the darker skin surrounding your areola (nipple), or in the armpit
  • Your surgeon removes the scar tissue and the implants
  • Your surgeon uses stitches, skin adhesives, or tapes to close the incisions

Many patients choose to have a breast lift during breast implant removal. The surgeon also removes the excess breast skin and tightens the breast tissue in such a case. In some cases, fat grafting to the breast can also be performed to enhance breast volume.

What Happens After The Breast Implant Removal?

After the surgery, your surgeon will give you specific instructions for breast implant removal recovery in Fulshear, TX

These instructions include:

  • Caring for incision
  • The medications to take
  • Activity restrictions
  • When to next visit the surgeon for follow-up

You may have to wear a compression garment or special support bra to reduce the swelling. You might also have drains placed beneath your skin.

These drains ensure any excess blood or fluid is safely eliminated from your breasts. The drains usually come out after several days, although sometimes they might stay in place for over 10 days. 

While many women feel back to normal within a few weeks of their procedure, some internal, residual swelling may take a few months to dissipate entirely.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Implant Removal?

Having a breast implant removal may affect:


Capsular contracture causes a lot of pain. Removing the breast implants offers near-instant pain relief. You can also reduce back or neck pain by removing large implants.

Rupture and Replacement Risks

If the scar tissue becomes hard enough, it may cause the implant to rupture. Removing the implant eliminates the breast implant rupture risk.


Saline or silicone implants might interfere with a clear view of the Breast tissues on an X-ray. Mammogram results are clearer without implants.

Although you might initially undergo a breast augmentation procedure for aesthetic reasons, as the days go by, you might change your goals in life and decide to remove them. After all, breast implants aren’t designed to last. 

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