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6 reasons why you should try to mix your workout with cannabis

The gym is your happy place and therapy, so you might think that you can’t or shouldn’t incorporate cannabinoids into your regime because only people in search of relaxation use it.

Get past the misconceptions and try to understand why cannabis treatments have become a worldwide craze and why they’re gaining so much ground in scientific and medical laboratories. You should know that cannabis could benefit your health and workouts too.

Researchers and specialists don’t beat around the bush about cannabinoids’ health benefits, and cannabis products are increasingly commercialized and sought for a reason. 

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to boost your performance at the gym, you should know how cannabis can impact your health and workouts to see if you want to give it a try.

Workout with Cannabis

They found that pain management/relief, improving focus, and relaxation were the most commonly cited reasons for using cannabis before exercise, with increasing energy, improving enjoyment of activities, and pain management being the most common reasons for the use of cannabis during physical activity.


The effects of cannabis on your body

If you are feeling unmotivated, tired and sluggish, cannabis could give you a pre-workout boost. There are more benefits to cannabis; but you should use it to find if it can show some of these effects on you as it does on other people.

  • Chronic pain relief – depending on the type and degree of your pain, as well as your individual biology, some cannabis strains might help reduce it
  • Efficient warm-ups – weed can be a painkiller, reduce inflammation, enable a sense of ease and stasis and help you warm down easier.
  • Motivation booster – it might increase your mind-body awareness, focus and concentration.
  • Better sleep – cannabis can be a sleep aid and induce long, qualitative periods of sleep, so you are in shape for your workouts.

It is best to use Sativa-dominant strains for their energising and uplifting effects since they’re suited to enhance your motivation to tackle a long trail run or lift weights. After you hit the gym, you can go home and relax, enjoy a deep sleep and be fresh for your next morning workout.

THC can make mundane activities more enjoyable

Consuming cannabis could be the key on days you’re down and don’t feel like hitting the gym.

The specialists from Seedsman recommend you give cannabis a try if you want that higher level of relaxation and concentration that makes your dull activities feel less of a burden. 

Some say weed enhances their pleasure in eating, socialising, playing sports, listening to music, having sex, watching movies and being creative. It helps increase endorphins and dopamine, creating that elevated and euphoric mood they’re looking for. 

It’s therefore easy to see why some prefer to expand their spare-time cannabis consumption to routines like workouts and others only use weed for gym-related reasons.

The scientific explanation for these effects is that the amygdala compares all incoming sensory stimuli to previous experiences. Your brain is intrigued and fascinated by novelty. When you are high, your integrative centre for emotions and motivation is tricked into thinking what you do is a fantastic never-seen adventure. You can also take advantage of cannabis if you are anxious, as it may hijack the cannabinoid receptors in your amygdala to reduce anxiety.

Does cannabis improve your workout?

THC and CBD could work for you, if you’re both a gym and a cannabis enthusiast, because they disinhibit, reduce stress and help you work your hardest. If you don’t have anxiety-related issues, you may enjoy other aspects.

Joints, blunts, bongs, edibles, teas, gel, CBD oil or whatever cannabis product suits you can help with appetite loss, increase your food craving and pleasure and make you drink more water. Consuming cannabinoids the night before you go to the gym may help you sleep better, thus allowing you to be refreshed the following day and exercise more relaxedly. Similarly, you can get a good night’s sleep and allow your muscles to recover and grow.


Cannabis is a pain-reliever

THC and CBD could probably be the most helpful compounds for post-workout recovery since they help relieve pain and make delayed onset muscle soreness less unpleasant. This way, you refuel your body for other daily activities, and can get back into the gym faster.

You may also strengthen your immune system and give your organism the necessary minerals if you consume cannabis seeds. They are rich in minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, and Potassium. These chemical compounds accelerate the performance of some parts of your body, facilitate the transmission of nerve impulses and help strengthen your bones, decreasing the likelihood of catching viral diseases and helping you keep up with your workouts.

Cannabis reduces inflammation

Studies show that cannabis is an anti-inflammatory that has a positive effect in taming inflammation and the myriad ailments associated with it. Plus, it might also show improvements in neuropathic pain.

Hemp plants contain over 450 different substances. Your perception is influenced by the CB1 receptor in your central nervous system, whereas the CB2 receptor plays a role in inhibiting inflammation. Scientists have discovered that beta-caryophyllene, a substance found in cannabis plants, activates the CB2 selectively and helps heal certain forms of inflammation.

THC improves the quality of your sleep

Some cannabis strains could shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and help if you have sleep problems or trouble falling asleep. It can increase the time spent in deep sleep, the stage that enables you to wake up refreshed in the morning. Weed restores your natural sleep cycle, which can often fall out of sync due to your schedule.

“Sativa or Indica? THC or CBD? To light one up or drink some tea?”

These are some of the most common questions people have about cannabis. It’s not uncommon for people to prefer some cannabis products, species and cannabinoids over others. In fact, it’s natural, just as it is normal to enjoy all of them.

Thankfully, there is a breath-taking diversity of forms cannabis strains can take – you only need to know your hemp and use it properly.

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