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What is Yogurt? – Definition, Benefits, How to Prepare, and More

Yogurt Definition

Yogurt is a favorite dairy product that’s made by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Make Yogurt use bacteria called “yogurt cultures,” which ferment lactose, the natural sugar found in milk.

Lactic acid produces a substance that causes milk proteins to curdle, giving Yogurt’s unique flavor and texture.

Yogurt can make from all types of milk. Varieties made from skim milk consider fat-free, whereas those made from whole milk are considered full-fat. And also, Plain Yogurt means without added colorants is a white, thick liquid with a tangy flavor.

Unfortunately, many brands added ingredients, such as sugar and artificial flavors. These yogurts are not suitable for your health.

What are the Benefits of Yogurt?


1. Regulates the Intestinal Flora

  • During fermentation, milk develops more than 100 million live bacteria, representing numerous vitamins of group B.
  • These bacteria regulate the microorganisms that make up the intestinal flora, creating defenses in the human body against any intestinal disease, such as infections. or bacteria.

2. Low in Lactose

  • The numerous bacteria that Yogurt contains convert the lactose of this food into lactic acid, making it a suitable product for lactose-intolerant people.

3. Avoid and Control Diarrhea

  • The bacteria contained in the fermented food reduce the risk of diarrhea in infants.
  • When you suffer from occasional diarrhea due to an upset stomach, Yogurt, thanks to its properties, helps reestablish the intestinal flora.

4. Reduces Cholesterol

  • The probiotics in Greek Yogurt considerably reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood when consumed daily.

5. Helps Reduce Overweight and Obesity

  • Yes, the point where we wanted to get. Yogurt helps to lose annoying extra kilos.
  • Thanks to its probiotics and natural fats, they help weight loss, which contributes to the loss of abdominal fat, and as it is a low-calorie food.
  • It is a very beneficial option for low-calorie diets.

6. Bones

  •  Yogurt is a food rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are essential minerals to maintain your bones’ perfect health, which will help you have fabulous nails.

7. Reduce Fat

  • Being a potential food that provides natural fats, they reduce the toxic fats in your body.
  • It helps cleanse your liver of bad fats and contributes to the absorption of fat in the fat tissue, such as hips, abdomen, and arms.

8.  It is suitable for all People

  • It is food indicated for people in any diet. Yogurt is 100% healthy, so it does not contraindicate to any patient.

9. Improves Digestive Problems

  • If you suffer from slow digestion, Yogurt is perfect for you, since due to its composition, it is a fast-absorbing food, which means that your digestive system processes it quickly.

10. Post-Workout

  • Due to the massive amounts of amino acids and proteins that Yogurt contains, it is ideal to consume post-workout since it will accelerate muscle regeneration.

How to Prepare Homemade Yogurt?



  • 4 tablespoons of natural Yogurt
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 4 teaspoons of milk
  • And also, Vanilla


  1. The first thing you should do is place the milk in a pot, turn the fire to a low flame.
  2. Begin to beat slowly and without stopping. When it is hot, add the sugar and vanilla, it should note that you cannot stop beating. When everything is mixed, remove from heat and let cool.
  3. Place the 4 tablespoons of natural Yogurt in a glass container, add the mixture from the pot, stir very well, and cover the box with endoplasm paper.
  4. If not, you can do it with a bag. Just try to make it completely airtight.
  5. And also, preheat the oven to 280ºC for half an hour, turn off the heat and place the container that contains the mixture in the oven and let it rest for 5 hours.
  6. After 5 hours have passed, put it in the fridge for two hours so that it cools down and you can enjoy its exquisite flavor.

Contraindications of Yogurt

There is only one restriction as far as Yogurt is concerned, and that is that if you suffer from kidney or gallstones, you cannot consume it daily.

You should consult your doctor about the amount you can drink and if you can ingest it daily. In general, specialists prohibit their use in these two cases.

However, there is an organism that favors its consumption.

How to Consume Yogurt?


1. Salads

  • It is a perfect low-fat dressing. You can use it as a substitute for mayonnaise to make your meals healthier.

2. Smoothies

  • Currently, the intake of smoothies has spread widely, which consists of placing a fruit, a vegetable.,
  • And also, Yogurt in the blender, blending, and voila, served with some mint leaves to add freshness.

3. Natural

  • You can consume it alone, naturally, a portion for breakfast or after training, you can also take a little in the afternoon as a snack or dinner is a good option.

4. As a Base

  • Many chefs love Yogurt for being an excellent base for the sauce of their preparations.
  • It will also give your meals a creamy consistency and a soft touch of flavor on the palate.

5. As a Dip

  • Place shredded chicken in a container, add tomato, onion, cucumber, and avocado, all finely chopped.
  • And also, add Greek Yogurt and mix everything, season with a little salt and pepper.
  • You will have a delicious preparation. Like this one, you can also find others on the internet that will solve your family gatherings or snacks for the little ones in the house, being a healthy alternative.

6. Ice Cream

  • Since 2010 yogurt ice creams have become popular, accompanied by fruits and nuts, you can also prepare delicious homemade desserts in an artisanal way.
  • Finally, as you have been able to read, Yogurt is a very diverse food, rich in vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that contribute to the body’s good health.
  • If you want to lose weight, consume it daily and without added sugar. In a few weeks, you will begin to see noticeable changes in your body.
  • Accompany this food with lots of water, a physical routine, and many vegetables if you want to lose weight.
  • And also, do not forget that you can avoid many diseases with its regular consumption in addition to burning fat.


Yogurt is rich in nutrients and boosts your health when consumed regularly.

It helps reduce the risk of some diseases while also benefiting digestive health and weight control. However, make sure to choose your Yogurt wisely and many health benefits.

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