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Caring For Your Baby’s Clothes (Baby Laundry Guide)

Baby’s Clothes – There is a lot to learn in parenthood, and learning how to care for your baby’s clothes is one of them. Baby laundry requires much attention as the same as your regular clothes. The significant difference when taking care of your baby’s clothes, aside from the garment size, is the sensitivity of your baby’s skin.

A baby’s skin is pretty sensitive because its immune system is still developing. It is best not to bring your baby’s clothes together with the laundry load sent for laundry pickup. Handwashing your baby’s clothes, choosing the best detergent, and treating common clothing stains reduce the chance of redness on your baby’s skin.

Read on, and you will tackle your baby’s laundry efficiently without stressing out your parenthood journey.

Read the Garment Care Label

This is a must when taking care of any clothing, whether your regular clothes or baby laundry. Always follow the care label instructions thoroughly and tell the laundry service staff of any special requirements for your regular clothes while you separate your baby’s laundry and hand wash them at home.

Pre-treat Stains on Baby Clothes

It is common for baby clothes to have stains from baby food, spits, and poop. When this happens, remove the dirty clothes and scrape off the excess stains. You have a choice, and if the stains are small enough to notice, you can use a stain remover and toss them in the laundry hamper and wait for the next load.

However, if the stains are big enough, you have to scrape off the excess and soak the clothing in a tub of one part white vinegar and one part water. Pre-treat the stains before you wash the newborn clothes. Do not throw their stained clothes in the dryer to prevent the stain from setting.

Choose Gentle Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

As mentioned, babies have sensitive skin. Do not use detergents you use on your regular clothes. Some laundry detergent has harsh chemicals and dyes or fragrances that may cause trigger the skin of your baby. Choose gentle and baby-formulated laundry detergent to ensure it is hypoallergenic and safe for babies.

Always Wash New Baby Clothes

Always wash new baby clothes, whether it is newly bought or a gift. New ones may look pristine when you first bought or received them, but that’s because of the chemicals applied to make them look nice on display. More so, these clothes are not free from germs and dirt.

Meanwhile, if you receive hand-me-down baby clothes, it is still advisable to wash them. Hand-me-downs may be treated with love and care by their previous owner, but they might be stored for months or years, possibly resulting in dust or mold. Thus, pre-wash every baby’s clothes new to your baby’s wardrobe.

Final Takeaway

Parenthood is not stressful if you know the basics and learn more techniques along the journey. Do not forget that taking care of your baby’s clothes is not limited to laundry, it also includes how to store them properly.