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Feeding Formula Milk for Babies—Major Pros & Cons

Feeding Formula Milk – Are you confused about whether you should bottle-feed or breastfeed your baby? No need to worry, we’ve got the right solution. We understand that it’s the biggest decision that you will make for your baby.

However, always keep in mind, the choice of how you will feed your baby is highly personal and you should do whatever you think is healthy for both you and the baby.

In recent years, there have been rumours that cow-based milk formulas are unhealthy for babies. Several studies have shown that milk formula for babies causes NEC, a serious gastrointestinal problem. This infection is rising at a faster pace among infants or premature babies.

This is why we’ve come up with a detailed blog that highlights the pros and cons of formula milk to help you make the right decision:

Pros of Feeding Formula Milk

  • Anyone can feed the baby

One of the biggest advantages of bottle feeding is that you can share responsibilities with your partner. Breastfeeding doesn’t give the opportunity to fathers to share a bond with their babies but with bottle feeding they can connect and establish a strong bond.

  • Handy and convenient option

Formula milk can be prepared anywhere, anytime. Moreover, anyone can prepare the milk. Whether you want to travel overseas or go shopping with your baby or friends, bottle feeding is the most convenient way to satiate your baby without stress.

  • Keep track of baby intake easily

Breastfeeding your baby restricts you from measuring their milk intake. This is why you should go for bottle-feeding. It enables you to make changes in the diet of your baby perfectly.

  • Feed in public

Some moms feel uncomfortable with feeding their baby in public. If you don’t want to expose your breast or prefer going to a private area for feeding, bottle feed is the ideal solution.

Cons of Feeding Formula Milk

  • Not as nutritious as breast-feeding

Generally, breast milk is more nutritious and healthy than formula milk. It helps in your baby growth and development. It is lighter on the baby’s stomach than formula milk, which reduces the chances of NEC infection.

  • Affects baby’s immune system

According to several studies, breast milk boosts the overall immunity of babies. On the other hand, formula milk doesn’t contain vital and natural nutrients. That is why many premature babies suffer from bacterial infection. This infection further leads to inflammation and injuries to the tissues. Many parents whose babies have been exposed to this infection have filed NEC formula lawsuits against milk brands.

  • Impacts mother’s bond

Feeding is all about establishing a special bond moment for a mother and her baby. When the baby sticks with the mother’s breasts, skin-to-skin contact is built. Bottle-feeding may affect this bonding.

  • Mother’s stay healthy

Several studies have shown that mothers who breastfeed their babies are less likely to get infected with breast cancer, osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.

In Conclusion

We hope that the above-mentioned factors will help you make the right decision for your baby’s growth and development.

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