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The Food Pyramid For Healthy Eating – Introduction and Levels.

Introduction Of Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid or Food Pyramid is a graphic representation.  It intends to classify foods according to our nutritional needs.  This classification is presented by levels, establishing based on these.

These foods should be consumed by our bodies to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The amount to be depleted of each type of food must be proportional to the level.

It said foods appear within the nutritional pyramid,  those that are in the first levels (closer to the base of the pyramid).   It consumes in a more significant proportion and those that are at higher levels, those that drink more moderately.

By following the recommendations and advice of this method, we will improve our quality of life.  Healthy eating and physical exercise ( sports nutrition ) together with good resting habits. It will lead us to a more nutritious and more balanced way of life.

What are the Levels Of The Food Pyramid?

food pyramid

Level – 1 Food Pyramid: Bread, Cereals, Rice and Pasta

food pyramid

  • At the first level, that is, at the base of the pyramid, we will find cereals, bread, rice, flour, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.
  • Most of characterizing is providing complex carbohydrates such as starch and fiber. Through its consumption, we will be able to provide our bodies with calories.
  • It needs daily for the development of its functions, recommends controlling the number of calories consumed.
  • It has to be proportional to the energy effort of each individual, always depending on their lifestyle.
  • In this way, the most active people because they will need more energy.
  • It will, in turn, consume more food of this type compared to those who are accustomed to leading a sedentary life.

Level – 2 Food Pyramid: Fruits and Vegetables

food pyramid

  • Among the foods located on the second level are fruits and vegetables.  This type of fresh food will provide us with fiber. It highly recommends due to the low-fat content.
  • They are also responsible for providing us with such essential elements as minerals and vitamins (mainly vitamins A and C).

Level – 3 Food Pyramid: Meat and Fish, Dairy, Eggs, and Legumes

food pyramid

  • It regarding the foods located at this level, right in the center of the Food Pyramid. We will find two types, on the one hand, those. It includes dairy products and on the other, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, and legumes.
  • Regarding dairy, it is important to emphasize their contribution to calcium and proteins of high biological value.  About the second group, say that the consumption of fish highly recommends.
  • The amount of protein, iron, and healthy fats that it can provide. As for meats, it should note that the so-called white meat is preferable, such as rabbit, chicken, turkey, etc. They will have less fat.
  • Among red meats, lean ones are more recommended. The Iberian porkIt is among those with the most fat.
  • The group formed by cores attribute to our main contribution of proteins of high biological value, zinc, iron, and essential minerals.

Level – 4 Food Pyramid: Oils and Fats

food pyramid

  • At the 4th level of the Food Pyramid, almost at the top, we find oils, fats, butter, margarine. In general, all those foods that contain significant amounts of fat, as is the case with nuts.
  • It is in this section where you can find vegetable oils, olive oil, and those foods, such as olives.  It will provide us with the essential fatty acids necessary for our body.
  • As a recommendation, say that it is healthier to consume more fats of vegetable origin and less of animal origin.  The latter has a high amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

Level – 5 Food Pyramid: Sugars


food pyramid

  • In this group, the smallest of all and which locate at the top is where we find sugar, honey. Foods contain these types of substances in great abundance.
  • Although its consumption recommends, it should note that the amounts to be ingested should be very moderate.
  • It is trying to consume them during the day. So that they speed through some physical exercise, they should not use as food for dinner.

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