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Ginger: What Is It?Its Properties, Uses, Recipes, And More.

Definition Of Ginger

Ginger has various properties such as aiding in weight loss, treating tonsillitis, hoarseness, high cholesterol,

High blood pressure, sore throats, coughs, colds, muscle aches, blood circulation problems, migraine, and arthritis.

It helps in the treatment of intestinal conditions such as indigestion, colic, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, dizziness, and nausea.

Ginger is a plant that has a stem that has a very particular aroma and has a spicy flavor.

It can use to flavor food. Due to its intense flavor, it can use as a substitute for salt to season foods.

Its scientific name is  Zingiber Officinale.

It can bring in natural products stores and supermarkets in raw or powdered form, pharmacies in capsule form.

Properties Of Ginger


The properties of ginger are since it has anticoagulant, vasodilator, expectorant, analgesic, digestive,

Anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, analgesic, antitussive, astringent, carminative, antipyretic, and antispasmodic action.

Learn about all the health benefits of ginger.

Uses Of Ginger

The most used part of ginger is its roots, which can be chopped into small cubes or grated to flavor foods.

It consumes in the form of tea, capsules, or preparing a poultice.

Ginger tea


place 2 cm of ginger root in a pot with 200 mL of water and boil for 5 minutes.

It strain, let cold and drink up to 3 times a day.


Grate the ginger and apply to the painful area, cover with gauze, and leave for 20 minutes.

These compresses can use to place in cases of rheumatism.

Such as the belly when menstruating, on the forehead for headaches, or on a tooth to relieve toothache.

This because it has an active stimulant that causes the blood capillaries to dilate, thus relieving pain.



They should preferably be consumed under the indication of a specialist or as indicated on the manufacturer’s label.

Generally, one capsule per day should take.

Recipes Of Ginger

It can use in both sweet and savory recipes.

The finely chopped or grated root can use in sauces, sauerkraut, tomato sauce, and in oriental foods.

The ground can use in cakes, cookies, bread, and hot drinks, for example.

  1. Lemon Juice With Ginger And Mint


Easy recipe to prepare, and it can be an excellent option to refresh yourself.


One tablespoon of lemon peels;

300 ml of lemon juice;

One tablespoon of peeled ginger;

1 cup of mint;

150 ml of boiling water;

1200 ml of cold water;

250 g of sugar.

Preparation Mode

Mint tea must first prepare with the leaves and boiling water.

Then all the ingredients must be liquefied in the blender until a homogeneous mixture form.

Strain and serve cold.

  1. Ground Beef With Ginger Sauce


This recipe is simple, tasty, and can be used to accompany pasta, as a filling in corn or wheat tortillas.

To make baked paprika or stuffed aubergines.


500 g of ground beef;

Two ripe tomatoes;

One onion;

1/2 red pepper;

Parsley and chives to taste;

Salt and ground ginger to taste;

Five garlic cloves, crushed;

Two spoons of olive oil or oil;

300 ml of water.

Preparation Mode

Place the garlic and onion in a pot with a drizzle of olive oil until golden brown.

The meat is added and let it brown for a few minutes, always stirring.

Little by little, add 150 ml of water and the other ingredients until the meat begins to cook and takes on the flavor.

Check if the meat is cooking well, add the remaining water.

Keeping it over medium heat for approximately 20 minutes or until the meat is well cooked.

  1. Ginger Water

Ginger water is excellent to give more flavor to the sea.

It was increasing the consumption of liquids in those people who do not like to drink water.

Likewise, they also help you lose weight.

Preparation Mode

Slice it and add it to 1 liter of water, let it rest overnight.

Drink during the day without sweetening.

  1. Canned Ginger


400 g of ginger;

1/2 cup of sugar;

1 cup of vinegar

Three teaspoons of salt;

1/2 liter of water.

Preparation Mode

Peel it and then slice it into long, thin slices.

Cook only in water until boiling and then let cool naturally.

Then mix the other ingredients and bring to high heat for 5 minutes.

After it starts to boil, it should bring it to a simmer.

The ginger store in a glass container for at least two days before consuming it.

This homemade it preserve lasts about six months, as long as it keeps in the refrigerator.

Possible Side Effects Of Ginger

Side effects of it include stomach pain and drowsiness when consumed in excess.

Possible Side Effects Of Ginger

Contraindications Of Ginger

Ginger contraindicate in people who use blood-thinning medications such as warfarin.

Because it reduces the blood’s ability to form clots, running the risk of bleeding.

People with high blood pressure who use medication to control pressure should only consume it under medical guidance.

It affects the medication by not controlling the pressure.

During pregnancy, take a maximum dose of it should be 1g per kg of weight.

This root uses to relieve dizziness and nausea during pregnancy.

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