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Aunt Jackies Hair Products

Introduction: Aunt Jackies Hair Products

Aunt Jackies Hair Products is committed to providing high-quality textured hair products that help women and families embrace their natural curls, curls and waves for healthy hair. Our award-winning products have been designed to help maintain and style natural hair with ease. Whatever style you desire, we’re dedicated to promoting positive beauty by helping you fall in love with your hair and embrace its natural beauty in all its glory.

Aunt Jackies Curls And Coils, one of the fastest growing brands in the multicultural hair category in the United States, invites young people to celebrate their roots this back to school year with the Kids Group. A new school year brings a renewed sense of hope and enjoyment. With a large collection of products, Aunt Jackie’s Kids helps young people to put their “best hair forward” from the first day of school.

Aunt Jackies Hair Products Perfect Type 4 Kit

Aunt Jackies Hair Products

Aunt Jackies Hair Products  Combined especially for type 4 manes, this kit contains all Coconut Crème therapies to help achieve healthy, mega-hydrated hair.

Curl Boss – Coconut Curling Gelée

Ideal when applied to wet or slightly damp hair. Depending on hair length and texture, apply a moderate amount to all hair from roots to ends (use more for thicker or longer hair). Distribute evenly by raking the hair with your fingers. Paint as you wish. Therefore, tighter, more elastic curls or curls, blow-dry hair in a light setting with a diffuser. For elongated, springy and springy curls or waves, style with fingers in place and light or air dry. For a protective hairstyle, use a wide-toothed comb to distribute more evenly over the entire hair before finishing your hairstyle.

Butter Crème – Intensive Dryness Sealant

Use on wet or dry hair as needed. It can be used daily. Apply a small amount to hand, rub palms together and apply all over hair, focusing especially on ends. Using a wide tooth comb or soft hair brush, gently comb or brush the hair.

Coco Repair – Deep Conditioner

On clean, damp hair, apply a large amount all over hair, making sure the hair is covered from root to tip. As an intensive restorative treatment, cover the hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hot hooded hair dryer for 10 minutes. Remove the cap and rinse any traces of mask off the hair. As a regular conditioner rinse, leave on for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Towel dry hair and style as usual.

Coco Wash – Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser

Wet hair thoroughly, then apply a moderate amount of Coco Wash to hair, gently massaging hair and scalp. Do not wash vigorously with shampoo. For thicker, thicker, and tangling-prone textures, starting at the roots, shampoo by gently running your fingers through hair, to the ends, working carefully through the tangles. Aunt Jackies Hair Products Rinse well then repeat to make sure hair and scalp  clean and impurities removed.

Aunt Jackies Hair Products  Kids Textured Hair Tips

Aunt Jackies Hair Products

Detangles Properly: Prevent those tears by applying Knot Havin ‘It Ultimate Leave-In Detangling Moisturizer. Comb hair from tips to roots gently and slowly with a wide-tooth comb. Aunt Jackies Hair Products Do your best to avoid getting twist up and remember that a bit has come a long way.

Be Gentle: An real shampoo recipe like Heads Up – Nourishing And Smoothing Shampoo will help cleanse and smooth hair without stripping young hair of natural oils.

Don’t forget about deep conditioning – deep conditioning will help restore natural shine, promote elasticity, revive missing moisture and more. Aunt Jackies Hair Products Try using Soft & Sassy Super Duper Smoothing Conditioner and wrap the hair in a plastic cap for 15-20 minutes to achieve the desired result.

Stop Irritation: Aunt Jackie E-Blast Daily Oil Elixir – Nourishing Scalp Therapy with Vitamin E and Flax Seed Treats Dry Scalp. While Vitamin E and Flax Seeds Help Improve Overall Health from the roots, relieving flaking and chronically dry and irritated scalp. The omega-3 greasy acids found in flax seeds provide effective nutrition to the strands, promoting healthier hair growth.

Stay Up To Date On Cool And Cute Protective Styles. Low manipulation styles like braids and twists can not only be a saving grace for mom or dad who is always on the go. But allows a kid to show off their personality. Aunt Jackies Hair Products Staying tuned for what’s cool. Cute, and easy to do is a great way to help your child thrive. Our Baby Girl Curls Curling & Twist Cream is a great product to use on any of these styles.

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