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How Does Microchanneling For Hair Growth Work?

Treatment for hair loss involves scalp microchanneling, which allows the skin to absorb over 300% more of topical serums for hair growth. The serums allow for increased hair growth, as they contain hair-growth ingredients derived from the components found in healthy hair follicles. For men and women, combining microchanneling and topical serums leads to improved hair growth.

The serums for hair loss treatment were created to stimulate hair growth by provoking cytokine bio-signals, which encourage hair growth and restoration when used with microneedling on the scalp. The serums contain growth factors, including cultures from human bone marrow, which stimulate hair growth and protect against inflammation. Not only do these effects improve hair growth, but they condition the scalp, rejuvenate hair follicles that have been damaged, and encourage new follicle growth, to increase hair growth.

The process of microchanneling for hair growth is a direct treatment that influences hair growth at the source. Since microchanneling on the scalp allows the skin to absorb hair growth factors within the serum so well, the result of increased hair growth is much more substantial than alternative, noninvasive approaches. For more information on how microchanneling for hair growth works, read on.

Microchanneling For Hair Growth

Microneedles are used to treat cosmetic concerns such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. Microchanneling also revitalizes hair growth and skin elasticity. The variety of improvements that can occur during microneedling are possible thanks to the way in which the microneedles target the source of the skin and create microchannels that open up the skin to treatment. The treatment is received on a deeper level, allowing the skin to be treated more intensely for better results.

Healing Processes Are Naturally Embedded Into Treatment

Microchannels open the skin to receive serum containing growth factors that encourage hair growth for dramatic results. Not only is treatment direct and, therefore, more potent in generating results, but it’s also healthier for you. Stimulating the scalp through microchanneling for hair growth encourages an anti-inflammatory healing response. Inflammation is reduced in the scalp, and new collagen forms in areas of the skin to help hea

Get A Healthier Scalp And Healthier Hair

Healthier scalp and hair are the natural results of these processes. As the healing process continues, new collagen emerges, leaving healthier skin as a result. While these visual results are the overall purpose behind reducing skin issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, microchanneling for hair growth, however, ensures that the scalp will not only get the most effective treatment but that the scalp will be reconditioned and restored from the microchannels that are made during treatment.

Restore Your Hair To Great Health

The process of microchanneling for hair growth is grounded in the medical opinion that argues for the need to get to the root of the problem in order to truly heal. So, if you’ve tried everything else, book your initial microchanneling consultation and start your journey to restore hair health.

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