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10 Things you need to know about to maintain human hair wigs

It’s well know that Human hair wigs are absolutely gorgeous, they look and feel great because they are made from perfectly healthy human hair. Each fine hair is intricately secured onto the base close to each other it creates thick and luscious volumes of stunning hair.

There is no doubt that a wig made from human hair is the best choice, human hair wigs use real hair which allows you to style it like you would style your own hair and they look awesome!

Real human hair wigs are versatile, and you can style them according to your daily needs. Whether you prefer long or short hair, layered, curly or shaggy hair you can get the style of your choice in the color of your choice.

Caring for your human hair wig is essential and you follow the same principles that you would with your own hair. The main difference is that a wig doesn’t get the natural oil or sebum that hair follicles would provide. These oils that are secreted nourish and soften the hair, preventing split ends and breakage. It provides a natural moisturizer to your hair. With a human hair wig, it is important to use a natural oil to moisturize and keep the shine.

Moisture masks and treatments are an excellent addition to your human hair wig care routine. Consider a treatment mask every three months, it makes the hair smoother and healthier!

These 10 points are your focus areas:

Do not wear the same wig daily

The ideal is to have more than one wig so that you don’t have to wear the same wig every day. Look at having a sleek hair style for office or business meetings and vibe it up with a long-haired wig with wavy curls.

If you do wear your wig every day and you are styling your hair you can decide by the look and feel of the hair on the wig whether your human hair wig needs to be washed. So many wigs lovers have more than one is easy to buy from shop online now.

When you look at the hair styles available for this year you can choose a couple of styles and match your wig to your fashion style.

Do not give frequent washes to your wig

Washing and conditioning is recommended only after 8 – 10 wears. If you are wearing your wig daily it is suggested to wash only every 10 days. A deep conditioning is needed every other wash as human hair needs moisture to prevent breakage and split ends. Applying a good conditioner in the middle shaft of the hair will give it the moisture to stop the hair from breaking.

If you have been wearing your wig daily feel whether it requires a wash and then decide whether you are going to wash your wig.

Keep a spritz bottle and mix a natural oil like Jojoba, Coconut or Olive oil and with some water. Use the mixture of water and oil to spritz on the hair shaft during the day.

Use special shampoo, conditioner, and wig comb.

Treat your human hair wig in the same way that you would treat your natural hair. Always brush your dry hair before you wash it. The basic rule is you brush dry hair and comb wet hair.

Shampoo – use a gentle shampoo that is not harsh on your hair and avoid any shampoo with alcohol.

Conditioner – as mentioned before human hair needs oils from the sebaceous glands. A human hair wig does not have natural hair follicles that produces the necessary sebum required to moisturize the hair. Oils are extremely important for hair ends as that is where the split ends and damage occurs. Use natural moisturizing oils like Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Argon oil and Olive oil. Ensure that any conditioner you use contain these natural oils. As with human hair put the conditioner on the ends of the hair and avoid the base of the wig.

Comb – Once you have washed and conditioned your human hair wig use a comb the hair through. Combing through the human hair will ensure the hair is free of knots.

Do not overheat your wig

To ensure long lasting human hair wigs try to not overheat your wig. Whenever possible air dry your human hair wig. For air drying, smooth out the top part then leave it to dry on a flat surface lying on a towel.

When travelling, place a towel in the box and allow the wig to dry on the towel.

Buy a wig styled in the closest possible manner to the style you are going to wear daily. This will ensure the human hair on the wig is cut in exactly the fashion you are going to style it for.

Where possible don’t use hot styling tools, rather opt for rollers that can dry naturally on the Styrofoam head. This will allow your human hair wig to remain lustrous and luscious for years to come.

Don’t use any kind of spray in your wig

If you decide to style your human hair ensure you use the correct spray for the hair. Again, read the ingredients on the spray if you are wanting to spray your wig to get that big voluminous hair that you want. Spray the human hair wig lightly as spray tends to weigh hair down. The right spray will give you the effect you want without weighing down the hair.

Should your style require a fixer spray, look for a spritz spray that contains natural oils like Jojoba, Coconut or Argon oil. The oil in the spray will protect your hair against heat damage as much as possible and hold your style in place. Giving you that Hollywood look you love!

Store your wig properly 

The great advantage of having a human hair wig is that once you have washed and styled your wig you can store it until you want to wear it. The best way to store a wig is on a Styrofoam head or a folding stand. This way of storing a wig will keep the hair in the right style until you want to wear the wig.

When travelling it is best to keep your wig packed in a box allowing room for the hair to breathe.

Styling your hair correctly

Styling your human hair wig correctly is important. Care for your human hair wig the same way as you would care for your natural hair. When styling there are things you need to focus on like the Best hair products and the styling equipment.

Always try to avoid heat and styling products as far as possible. Most styling products contain alcohol which is not good human hair as it dries the hair out. Read the composition of the styling products to ensure they don’t contain alcohol.

Use hair oils and serums on the ends of the hair and use a styling product that protects against heat when heat-styling or blow drying. Hair sometimes only need touch up styling with a straightener or curling iron. This will give it that just style fresh look!

Human hair wigs can be pinned onto a Styrofoam head at the base to let the wig air dry, blow dry or style.

No showering in your wig

When you are home from work or after a night out, don’t jump in the shower wearing your wig. The bottom line is your human hair wig needs to be treated with care. Only wash and style every 8 – 10 days and that includes not jumping in the shower wearing your wig.

No getting chlorinated water or sea in your wig

Chlorinated water and sea water is not good for your wig. Although no damage will come to the human hair part of the wig, over time the lace or cap area can be affected by the chemicals and the saltwater, causing it to deteriorate.

If the lace or cap of the wig deteriorates then it will not hold the individual hair strands in place and the hair will fall out.

No wearing your wig when your hair is damp

For a human hair wig to last long and keep its lustrous glow don’t wear your wig when the hair is damp. Even though the lace cap is breathable, and each hair is independently inserted, wearing the damp hair will not allow for a good drying.

To ensure you have a gorgeous head of hair for many years to come take the best care of your human hair wig.

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