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Do Male Breast Reduction Results Look Natural?

Gynecomastia — a condition which causes the development of male breast tissue — can be devastating both physically and mentally.

What’s worse, some men suffer in silence because they believe that they can’t, or shouldn’t, seek help for this all too common condition.

But there’s more to it than that. Men who seek out breast reduction surgery want the most undetectable results as possible and may fear that male breast reduction results will be too obvious.

Luckily, male breast reduction surgery utilizes technology that many men consider life-changing. In fact, chances are you’ve come across men who have had breast reduction surgery at some point and you would never know it.

Here’s why gynecomastia surgery is a great option, how to manage your procedure, and how to get the best, most natural results.

You’re Not Alone

First, you should know that if you’re considering male breast reduction, you’re far from alone. In fact, more than 18,000 men sought breast surgery in 2019.

Today, with businesses and recreation opening again post-pandemic, that number is rising once again, with 40% of all U.S. breast reduction procedures currently being performed on men, according to statistics.

What Can You Expect Before and During Your Surgery?

Being prepared is a vital part of the plastic surgery process.

Your plastic surgeon can give you details for your own surgery that will take several factors into account. However, most gynecomastia procedures will include the following steps:

  • Your consultation:
    • Your surgeon will examine you and may take “before” pictures at this time.
    • Your surgeon will have the ability to discuss your health, surgical options, and the upcoming surgery.
    • Before the day of your surgery, you may be asked to have blood tests or other laboratory tests done. You will also be instructed not to take any medications that can increase the risk of post-surgery bleeding. Make sure you find out exactly what medications to avoid and for how long.
  • The day of your surgery:
    • You will be asked to avoid eating or drinking anything for up to 12 hours before your surgery (the exact time frame will depend on whether you are undergoing general or IV anesthesia).
    • At the facility, you will be anesthetized.
    • The doctor will excise (cut) glandular tissue and skin under the breasts or around the areolas; OR your doctor will perform liposuction to remove fat. In many cases, a combination of these techniques is used.
    • Your doctor will close any incisions.

What Will Your Male Breast Reduction Results Look Like?

Of course, one of your biggest concerns will simply be, “What will my results look like?”

Check out before-and-after male breast reduction images online at a reputable site and you’ll see that often, this procedure is virtually undetectable within six months to one year.

Not all gynecomastia surgeries will be the same. Neither are all patients. Ask your doctor what you can realistically expect from your own breast reduction surgery.

Can You Help Make Sure Your Results Look Natural?

Yes, you can! Choosing a great plastic surgeon is key, but so your own preparation and aftercare.

Here are your top tips for a successful surgery and easier recovery:

  • Don’t smoke. Smoking greatly increases the risk of post-surgery complications, some of which could impact your final look.
  • Be honest with your surgeon. Make sure you answer all of his or her questions, and give your full medical history.
  • Get all lab tests done. Your surgeon wants to know that you’re healthy enough for surgery.
  • Follow ALL post-surgery instructions. You may feel like you can take on the world, but if you do too much too soon, you risk compromising your results.
  • Attend all follow-up visits on time. Don’t put off your follow-up appointments. Your surgeon can spot certain issues before they become a problem.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

While shyness about the condition can keep some patients from seeking breast reduction, cost is another factor.

A great surgery with a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000, with an average price tag of $4,239, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Your fees are likely to include:

  • The surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia
  • Pre-surgery lab tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medications

Understandably, many patients like having a financing option for their surgery. Once you find an experienced, reputable doctor, ask what payment plans he or she makes available to male breast reduction patients.

Also make sure you call your insurance agent. Most gynecomastia surgery is not covered by health insurance, but there are exceptions. Find out if your insurer can help.

Your Future Can Look Better Than Ever

The more you prepare for your surgery and follow your surgeon’s instructions, the better your chances for a nearly or entirely undetectable result.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, set up a consultation as soon as you can. If you’re a good candidate for male breast reduction surgery, you could be on your way to a brighter future in a body you love.

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