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Microcurrent Facial? Yes, Please!

Microcurrent Facial – Sometimes when we look at ourselves, it can be hard to ignore the signs of aging. Many options are available to fight early aging, but not all of them work. One of the possible treatments, microcurrent facials, is becoming a more popular anti-aging treatment. But what is a microcurrent facial, and what benefits does it provide?

What are Microcurrents?

A microcurrent is a natural electrical charge in our bodies; an example would be a brain wave and a heartbeat. They are vital for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which shifts substances in and out of cells and increases the body’s absorption of amino acids. ATP is essential for muscle contraction and relaxation, and it encourages the production of structural proteins like collagen and elastin.

The currents are gentle; we ourselves don’t feel them, and we experience them every second of every day.

How do Microcurrent Facials Work?

Because of the effect natural microcurrents have on our body, companies have been using microcurrent facials to boost the creation of collagen and elastin in the skin.

In a microcurrent facial, low voltage currents that are similar to our body’s natural electrical currents are sent out to stimulate the muscles and the skin. Research has suggested that microcurrent stimulation can help reverse visible signs of aging, like drooping skin and dullness. The end goal is to stimulate cell growth and help the user appear more youthful.


There is limited scientific research on microcurrents and the benefits they have on our skin, but what research exists suggests that microcurrent treatments may:

  • Stimulate the facial muscles: The stimulation may help the skin on the face look tighter and younger by improving sagging skin.
  • Re-educate the muscles
  • The process is painless.
  • Improve Blood circulation: Electrical stimulation has been shown to improve blood flow to the skin. Microcurrent treatments, may help improve the health of skin cells and increase plumpness while also making the skin appear healthier.
  • Sebum balance: Sebum is oil from the sebaceous glands, and it can contribute to an oily, acne-prone face. Balancing and calming the sebaceous glands will ultimately mean less oil production.
  • Wound healing: there is research that suggests that microcurrent stimulation can help promote wound healing by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation of damaged tissue
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Other benefits: microcurrent stimulation is thought to have other benefits that are not cosmetic.

Not only do microcurrents have amazing potential benefits, but they are safe to use, and no adverse reactions have been reported.


For certain people, microcurrent facials are not recommended. While it is safe for the general public, it does involve introducing more electrical currents to your body, which may be unsafe for:

  • Individuals with epilepsy or who experience seizures
  • Individuals undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Individuals with a pacemaker or other cardiac device
  • Individuals who are pregnant
  • Individuals actively bleeding

At-home Microcurrent Devices

One of the best things about microcurrent facials is that you can achieve them at home, and they are safe to replicate. For you, this means no unnecessary trips to the dermatologist’s office; it can all be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home, leaving you more time to focus on the important things. Microcurrent devices are portable and allow clients to benefit from their long-term benefits from anywhere.

Just remember that results aren’t going to be immediate and can take a few days to show. Collagen takes time for cells to build and release; it’s not an immediate process, and at-home devices use a lower electrical current than a professional facial would provide.

There are different microcurrent skin care devices available both in nearby retailers and online stores, so you have many options to choose from. Just be sure to snag one that is FDA-approved.