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Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Nursing

Benefits: undoubtedly, nurses are vital professionals in the health care industry. The world saw their immense contribution when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. If that inspired you to become a nurse, or you’ve always been passionate about doing your bit in scrubs, you’re a few years of training away from achieving your dream. Here are some benefits of pursuing a career in nursing if you need more convincing.

High Demand

The demand for nurses never withers. The global nurse population is currently around 27 million. Yet, many health facilities are on the job market for more. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for nurses will grow by nine percent from now until 2030. That means there are over 200,000 job openings yet to be filled by nurses.

The nursing field is very competitive, and some specific nursing career paths demand more skills than others. You’ll also need a degree to prove you’ve acquired the relevant skills needed. For example, these UIndy online nursing programs will offer relevant knowledge and experience in the field.

Rewarding Career Path

Nurses are always in the position to touch lives. It’s a highly respected profession that has existed for centuries, and it can bring you a great deal of fulfillment. Opportunities for nurses to serve on missions in underserved communities and countries also add to the fulfillment nurses derive from the profession.

Unsurprisingly, Americans have voted nursing as the top profession for honesty and ethics for various decades in opinion polls. Their compassion for patients and their job have made them a trusted profession for nearly two decades. The highly rewarding nature of nursing is one of the top reasons why many nurses venture into the field.

Many of them may become vulnerable to the calling, locking in more hours without breaks, especially in trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as you love the fulfillment, it pays to consider your mental health as you work different shifts. Take breaks regularly and surround yourself with a great support system that can help you recharge when fatigued.

Career Growth Opportunities

Most nurses start as regular staff members, ramping up their knowledge and experience for higher-level specialties as they advance. The best part is that nursing is highly diverse and offers various career growth opportunities. You can switch between administrative and clinical roles depending on your skills and experience.

Sometimes, all it takes to progress as a nurse is a specialized nurse certification, unlike other fields where you may need long periods of education. Apart from the higher salaries, growth opportunities come with new challenges and greater job satisfaction for nurses.

Flexibility Benefits

Most nurses are shift workers rather than typical nine to five employees. You can lock in more hours for higher wages if you prefer. But the truth is that nurses can choose to work when they want since health care delivery never pauses. You can choose between part-time and full-time work to focus on a second job.

Health care is also expansive, and the demand for nurses spread worldwide. This gives nurses the flexibility to choose where they want to work. For instance, signing with organizations like Doctors Without Borders will have you serving in different countries and experiencing different cultures.

All in all, only a few nurses treat nursing as yet another disposable career. Most nurses love to care for patients and thus treat the field as a personal calling.

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