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10-Minute Yoga Routine Can Change Your Life

Need some more energy?

We have a 10-minute yoga routine sequence that can balance your body and focus your mind. No special workout gear or studio space is necessary. You can perform yoga even with a sustainable yoga mat.

10-Minute Yoga Routine Can Change Your Life

You can do these beginner-friendly yoga poses anywhere. They will increase your flexibility, balance, and strength. So you can be energized every day.

Simple And Easy ten Yoga Routine Steps

Child's Pose

  • Child’s Pose

Kneel, then take your knees wide and big toes to touch.

Walk your hands forward until your forehand rests gently on the ground.

Practice deep, steady inhales and exhales for about 3-5 breaths as you let go of distraction. Focus on your yoga routine practice.

Tabletop Pose Yoga

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  • Tabletop

Rise from child’s pose to tabletop, with your shoulders stacked over wrists and your hips stacked over knees.

Place equal weight through your hands and knees, relax your feet, engage your abdominal muscles, and lengthen your spine.

Gaze Is Down In Between Your Hands

  • Gaze Is Down In Between Your Hands

(Tip: if this bothers your knees, place a towel or rolled up edge of a yoga mat underneath your knees for more support.)

Cat Pose yoga

  • Cat Pose

Press into your hands to round upper back. It a string was pulling the middle of your back to the ceiling.

Drop your head and tuck your chin to the chest, hugging your belly toward the spine.

Downward Facing Dog

  • Downward Facing Dog

Walk your hands forward an inch or two, curl your toes underneath and lift your hips into downward-facing dog.

Your legs can keep a slight bend, but reach your heels toward the floor.

Tadasana yoga

  • Tadasana

Swoop your arms up to the sky, standing tall.

Keep equal weight through both of your feet, with strong legs and an active core.

Soften your shoulders away from your ears and extend your fingertips up as your palms face one another.

Your body is one long line of energy: head over shoulders over hips over heels.

Breathe for 3-5 counts, close your eyes, and set an intention for your day.

Low Lunge yoga

  • Low Lunge

Inhale to lift your left leg high, then exhale to step forward as you bring your left foot in between your hands. Breathe.

Your fingers frame your left foot, and your belly lifts up and away from your left thigh.

Squeeze your right leg and stack your right heel over your right toes.

Chair Pose Yoga

    • Chair Pose

After you return to a downward-facing dog, look forward and step both of your feet to your hands.

Inhale to halfway lift, and exhale to fold forward. Inhale to find chair pose: sit your hips down and back with your feet about hip-width distance apart.

Your toes and knees point forward in the same direction. Keep your spine long and your abs engaged.

Relax your shoulders away from your ears, lift your arms high.

Palms face one another. Breathe here.

Ground down through all your fingers, especially the space between your thumb and first finger. It presses through your arms while lifting your hips up and back.

Stay for 3-5 breaths.

Seated Twist

  • Seated Twist

Send your legs out long one more time, and cross your left foot over your right knee. Your right leg remains extended.

Sit up tall, and bring your left hand behind you like a second spine.  A left hand is resting behind your tailbone.

Inhale for length, then exhale to twist toward the left slowly. Bring your right elbow or palm to the outside of your left bent knee.

Breathe in this twist, and then release and repeat on the other side.


Yoga is the best medicine problem. As you practice yoga, it helps you to improve your physical, maintaining, and relaxing your mind.

Yoga is not just a one day practice. It’s a life long commitment

Yoga has improved our health, as it keeps us away from many-body problems like headache, fever, body pain, etc. Yoga has been chances in body

If you do yoga daily, you will enjoy a peaceful and healthy life.

Helpful Reference: The Business Guardian

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