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Vape-friendly Vacation: This Is How You Should Plan It

Vape-friendly Vacation – Traveling with a vaporizer rank among the most common concerns faced by vapers worldwide. The challenges experienced by traveling vapers fall into two broad categories – logistical and legal.

Logistical challenges include packing your vape accessories and restocking if you run out of certain vape products. On the other hand, legal challenges pertain to the laws governing the use of vape devices in your travel destinations.

Therefore, due diligence is paramount if planning a trip with your vaporizer. Fortunately, we’ve researched for you. Here is presenting some useful tips to plan a vape-friendly vacation.

Contact Your Supplier

Are you planning to be away all summer or all year? If yes, then you’ll run out of your vape accessories in the meantime. Therefore, you may need to contact your supplier beforehand.

Ideally, you’d want to find out whether your vape supplier ships to the destinations you intend to visit. If not, then your best bet would be to order a supply that can last you the entire duration of the trip.

Alternatively, you could research other suppliers that ship to your travel destinations. This is the preferable option as it helps reduce your travel baggage. Feel free to try out the best cheap vape mods here to sample some of the products you may require on your next vacation.

Know the Benefits of Going on Vacation With Your Vaporizer

The first thing to do before you pack your vape, along with everything else, is to understand why you need this device in the first place.

Vaping offers numerous benefits. Going on vacation with your vape device is also an ingenious way to look cool among the locals. Note that vaping is currently viewed as a lifestyle, and anyone who rocks in a stylish vaporizer will certainly draw considerable attention to themselves.

Understand the Law

This is unarguably the most significant impediment to traveling with a vaporizer. Vaping laws vary significantly from one country to another.

While you can vape freely in some countries, others impose punitive measures on the ownership or usage of e-cigs. That underscores the importance of establishing the vaping laws in all the destinations in your travel itinerary.

The convention is to avoid traveling with a vaporizer to any country or state where vaping is outlawed. Doing so is putting yourself directly on the warpath with law enforcement officers.

Check The Composition of Your E-juices

It’s intuitive to pay more attention to the legality of vaporizers when trying to research vape-friendly destinations. However, spare some thought for vape juices too. That’s especially if you prefer vaping e-liquids formulated with psychoactive ingredients like cannabis.

For instance, vaping is legal in the United States. But cannabis products containing more than 0.3% of THC are federally illegal. Therefore, it goes that you cannot travel across the United States vaping marijuana unless for medical reasons.

Generally, there shouldn’t be a problem if you predominantly vape nicotine-based e-liquids, except if you’re planning a vacation to Bhutan. Bhutan is the only nation to have outlawed the sale and use of tobacco products.

Store Your Vape Device Properly

Proper vaporizer storage is another necessary precaution for traveling vapers. The main focus should be the vape battery.

Vaporizer batteries can cause explosions if left exposed or stored in contact with metallic surfaces. That explains why airline companies implement strict regulations on flying with their vapes.

According to many airlines, it’s mandatory for traveling vapers to have carry-on bags for their vapes. But this isn’t enough. You should also ensure you unscrew your vaporizer and store the batteries in separate compartments from the rest of the device.

Remember to exercise the same level of caution with your e-juice. Store the e-liquid in a dark compartment of your suitcase or carry-on bag, free from heat and moisture. Also, seal the bottle properly to avoid undue and costly spillages.

Know When and Where To Vape

The fact that you’re traveling to a vape-friendly destination doesn’t mean you can simply fire up your device anywhere and anytime. It’s essential to understand when and where to vape.

You should generally avoid vaping in public or crowded spaces. That includes on the plane, at airports, in public transit systems, and shopping malls.

Also, look for ‘No Vaping’ signs on properties and streets. And if the craving strikes while in the company of non-vapers, it’s best to excuse yourself or ask for permission before vaping.

Find and Team Up With Local Vapers

Numerous apps and online community forums let you connect with locals or people traveling to the same destination as you. Examples include MeetUp, World Packers, WithLocals, and Reddit.

As you connect with potential travel partners on these apps, focus on vapers or people with a keen interest in vaping. You can then meet up and partner with these like-minded travelers.

Hanging around fellow vapers comes with the reassurance that you can vape whenever you please without raising eyebrows.


Vape-friendly Vacation – There goes our comprehensive guide into having a vape-friendly vacation. As a bonus point, remember to vape in moderation. Always remember to research well on the local laws and abide by them.

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