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What To Do If You’re Overwhelmed With Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

wedding Planning

If you recently just got engaged, congratulations! Getting engaged is among the most exciting and unforgettable moments in life. During this time, you may be feeling all kinds of emotions–happiness, love, bliss, contentment, joy, euphoria, and perhaps the feeling of stress, too. However, it’s not being engaged that’s probably stressing you out. But rather, it’s what happens after wearing the engagement ring on your finger. 

Soon, as the initial excitement surrounding your engagement wears off, you may start feeling overwhelmed about the numerous decisions you’ll need to make in planning your upcoming wedding. After all, everyone wants to have a perfect wedding day, regardless if you’re planning a massive wedding ceremony, or a small and intimate one. 

With the pressure of wanting to ensure you won’t miss even the smallest detail with the wedding planning, it can be easy to feel swamped, and forget about self-care during this hectic time.  

Ways To Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

While wedding planning being a stressful moment is completely normal, it doesn’t always have to be the case. If you feel like the wedding planning is starting to freak you out, here are sanity-saving tips to guide you on what to do about the whole wedding planning process. To avoid stress and entertain yourself you can also proceed with hobbs and shaw imdb.

  • Make A List Ranging From Top Priority To Lowest 

Before you jump right away to wedding decisions, you need to create a list of wedding factors, and range them from the top priority to the least important. Having a checklist of priorities will help you focus on one item at a time, instead of having to make many decisions all at the same time. That is simply overwhelming. You may experience a decision overload, also known as wedding planning fatigue.  

Moreover, before creating a checklist, decide with your partner first if you’ll be having a massive wedding ceremony.  Or you may want to consider a micro wedding in which you’ll be planning a ceremony and a reception for no more than 50 guests. 

The smaller your wedding is, the smaller or shorter your checklist will be. The goal of this checklist is to help you tackle different wedding decisions without having to second-guess yourself and your choices.  

  • Step Back From Wedding Planning Duties  

Suppose you’re still feeling stressed despite following the wedding checklist. Allow yourself to step away from any wedding planning duties for a while. Take at least one to two days off from wedding planning, and avoid any online images, mood boards, or wedding emails that could remind you of the ongoing wedding planning.  

Allow yourself to have a restorative period to relax, and relieve stress. Hang out with friends without discussing wedding plans. Take long baths. Go for a swim. Watch a movie. Do yoga. Or go for a road trip. This short downtime will give you a breather so you can clear your head and recollect yourself before resuming your wedding planning duties. 

  • Outsource Some Of The Tasks And Responsibilities 

If you feel like the wedding checklist is too much for you to handle, don’t hesitate to outsource some responsibilities. For instance, if deciding which types of flowers would work best with your chosen wedding theme, and color is too difficult for you, you can always call for help. Get assistance from professional wedding flower services like The Bouqs and other companies. 

They can give you several options and quotations featuring different flowers suitable for your theme. All you need to do is choose which quotation or price works best for your budget.  

Don’t let yourself be drowned in handling numerous responsibilities. Remind yourself that you always have the option to outsource to professional services, your friends, family, or your partner.  

  • Hire A Wedding Planner 

Some couples tend to plan their wedding to save some of their wedding budget, which is okay. However, not all couples can pull off the entire wedding planning successfully without feeling overwhelmed. 

If you and your partner are struggling with the whole planning process, then this may be a sign you should consider hiring a wedding planner. While this may mean an additional expense on your part, hiring a wedding planner will assure you that they can promptly plan and execute a perfect wedding for you. 

  • Remind Yourself About The Essence Of Your Wedding 

When the [wedding planning] starts to feel too much for you, take a deep breath. Take out your journal and note all the reasons why you’re getting married in the first place. As you write down your reasons, this will remind you that your wedding isn’t about setting up a perfect wedding ceremony, theme, design, music, or food. 

Instead, your wedding is to celebrate a new milestone in your relationship, and the next journey you’re about to take together. What truly matters is that your wedding is about marrying your soulmate. 

Final Thoughts 

Sometimes, [wedding planning] can take over your life without you noticing it. So, let these tips help you achieve a smooth [wedding planning] period, and allow you to savor and enjoy this moment. After all, planning a wedding is not something you get to do often. Allow yourself to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.  


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