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What Damages Can My Family Receive in A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A Severe Mixture of Emotions When a Loved One Dies Due to A Negligent Person’s Actions

Wrongful death whenever a family member loses a loved one in an accident due to the negligent actions of another person, it unleashes a broad array of feelings and emotions such as, but not limited to,

Unbelief that your loved one is gone

Anger towards the person responsible

Confusion regarding how such a thing could happen

Hate towards the person causing your loved one’s death

Inability to close the door on unfinished business

No chance to say anything else to the deceased or even tell them how much you love them.

As Alabama’s leading accident/injury/death attorneys, we have worked with grieving families throughout the years who could not close these open doors of grief and loss.

The questions that many families pose are:

“Should we sue for damages in the name of our beloved family member?”

Our answer is always,

“Yes, of course. You have the right to seek justice and compensation for the wrong actions that took the life of your loved one.”

We know that no amount of money and no actions on your part bring back your loved one. No matter how sorry or grief-stricken the accused, you need to seek compensation for what happened. This compensation may help to pay for an array of debts that your loved one left behind through no fault of their own.

No matter how grief-stricken the accused may be or how sorry the accused seem at what they did to take the life of someone else, there must be justifiable compensations. It is natural for you to feel sorry for the other person.

This legal action could be how you seek justice for your loved one, and it helps you pay for your loved one’s funeral costs and end-of-life debts. Your loved one did not ask for this to happen.

The Damages that You Can Recover Through a Lawsuit Against a Negligent Person

Each state may have different criteria surrounding what you can and cannot receive in damages when a loved one dies due to a negligent person’s actions. These damages base on other measures in different states related to a wrongful death lawsuit. We identify Alabama’s standards as follows.

The state of Alabama sees wrongful deaths as a time to punish the person who caused the death. Other conditions may base these cases on the financial and emotional losses of surviving family members. Other states see these suits as a pathway to pay for the costs incurred by the negligent person’s actions.

Alabama sees these settlement suits as a way to compensate survivors for the negligent person’s wrongful actions. Survivors receive what is called punitive damages that design to punish the negligent person.

Alabama sees your lawsuit as a way to discourage future careless and reckless actions by others in the future. Survivors who win punitive damages mean that the settlement pays directly to the heirs and is not part of the deceased’s estate. To file a wrongful death suit, the person must have died within the state of Alabama.

Damages Awarded in the State of Alabama Include

Punitive damages can include millions of dollars. Settlement amounts depend on the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one. Our attorneys work to get you the best possible award.

An awarded settlement is distributed to the deceased heirs equally. It takes the expertise of our Alabama attorneys to sort through a complex and complicated set of Alabama laws and the specifics of your case to understand which survivors benefit financially from this settlement. After your case review completeness, we can determine what your payment is worth.

A Call to Action for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

We are a group of seasoned, skilled, experienced, licensed, and board-certified Alabama wrongful death lawyers whose expertise is negligent accidents, injuries, and death. As soon as you know your loved one died due to another person’s negligence, you have two years to file a wrongful death claim from the time of their death. Filing your claim sooner is better than later.

We highly recommend you have an attorney by your side throughout the process due to Alabama’s complex wrongful death laws.

This wrongful death lawsuit helps you to close some doors. We know and understand that a suit of this nature never brings your loved one back.

However, your actions help you and your family heal because your case brings about well-deserved justice for your loved one that you would not ordinarily realize had you not brought the accused to justice.

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