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5 Reasons Why Lightweight Jackets are Beneficial for Outdoor Activities

Lightweight Jackets are a significant investment that comes along with the benefits. You’ll require a nice outdoor jacket that is both lightweight and useful.

When choosing a hiking outfit, you should also consider it light and waterproof outfit. This can assure you that you can go as far as you want.

Hiking jackets are a great piece of gear to have on hand because they can be used in nearly any weather. We’ll look at the advantages of wearing a lightweight jacket for outdoor activities in this post.

Below are the benefits of wearing a lightweight jacket for outdoor activities.


Hiking jackets are designed to be lightweight, as stated in the title. This is since they are commonly utilized for layering. The process of removing or adding layers of clothing following your surroundings is known as layering. You usually do it when it’s cold outside, and you wear a sweater. That’s a good example of layering.

Hiking jackets also check the lightweight box because they are often composed of relatively light fabrics. This is to keep the jacket light not only when you’re wearing it but also when you’re not wearing it and carrying it during your day pack.


Most hiking rain jackets come equipped with some level of breathability as standard. To be breathable, a jacket must be composed of a material with pores that are tiny enough to keep the water out, such as rain, but big enough to let heat and moisture from your body out, such as sweat. This keeps both the outside and inside of your body dry and comfortable.

It’s also worth noting that many hiking coats have different ventilation systems to aid internal temperature regulation. Pit zips are an illustration of this.


Another valuable characteristic of a light outdoor jacket is that it can be folded up and put away nicely and swiftly. This links in with the lightweight option discussed earlier, as hiking coats are light and easy to pack away anywhere you want them.

They’re durable by design, so they can withstand a little ruffling and abrasion without losing any of their functionality. They’re perfect for cramming into your travel luggage or tossing into your car’s bag when you’re on the go.


Many quality light hiking jackets come equipped with waterproofing as a standard feature. This indicates that the jacket’s outer shell will have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR)coating, which repels water as the name implies.

When you have waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers, you can be comfortable in your outdoor activity knowing that even if it rains, you will be sorted by your hiking outfit.

When you experience this on hiking gear, the water condenses into small beads that roll away. A hiking jacket can keep your torso and head dry whether you’re hopping from the gym or strolling your dog on a chilly evening.

Easy to wash

A lightweight jacket is easy to wash because it is light. This gives it an added advantage as it will also dry faster compared to heavy ones. With this, you will be assured that you can never miss an outdoor activity simply because the jacket did not get dry on time.


If you are planning for outdoor activity and are worried about which type of camping outfit to select, worry not.

Before buying any hiking outfit, it is good to consider some factors to avoid buying unwanted gear that will end up disappointing you.

Such factors include:

  • Maintenance and weight
  • Weather
  • Size and fit
  • Materials
  • Zipped pockets
  • Hoods

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