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12 Shades Of Brown Hair Color & How To Care For Dyed Hair

Color Your Hair Brown: 12 Shades To Choose From

Brown hair or brunette is a common hair color. But it does not mean it is a boring shade. Brown hair color works well on a range of skin tones and hair types. It is an easy-to-maintain hair color, especially if you add some depth with chocolate brown and ombre style.

Discover the 12 shades of brown hair color. Find out also tips for caring for your brown hair.

Shades of Brown Hair Color

Contrary to the common notion that there are only three shades of brown hair, there are actually a lot. Whether you choose to go for chocolate brown, golden brown, espresso brown, bronze brown, or any other brown shade, it will look stunning in natural light. Each option also complements various skin tones.

If you’re looking to color your hair brown, here are your options:

  1. Chocolate brown – This brunette hair color resembles the shade of chocolate candy. It is rich, lovely, and smooth, like chocolate.
  2. Chestnut brown – This looks stunning for long flowy hair. Go for bright streaks if you have a warm skin tone, as it will bring out the green and gray in your eyes. But if you want to add more volume to your overall look, go for deep chestnut brown.
  3. Bronze brown – This flattering brunette shade has some notes of caramel, gold, and red. It adds brightness, warmth, and dimension to your mane.
  4. Espresso brown – Inspired by a cup of black coffee, this hair color is a dimensional brunette shade with hints of dark brown and black.
  5. Golden brown – This shade has golden highlights or lowlights. It can also be a mixture of blonde and medium brown hair. Get the brightness of blonde and the richness of brown in one head of hair.
  6. Golden honey brown – This brunette shade features a brown base that may vary in tone. There are several shades of honey-brown hair color. But generally, the base is laced with different tones of honey highlights or has a golden undertone.
  7. Caramel brown – This shade is a blend of golden blonde and brown hair color. Some can be lighter, and others have darker shades – but all caramel brown variations are beautiful and warm.
  8. Toffee brown – This shade is an orangish-brown color based on the color of the toffee, a sweet confection. The hue is prepared through caramelization, producing a distinctive orange-brown color.
  9. Ash brown – This shade is a modern variation of blonde hair. The brown color is blended with cool shades of gray. It is sometimes called a mushroom brown hair color.
  10. Mahogany brown – This is referred to as a reddish brown hair color. But it may also feature subtle highlights of violet like the wood it is named after.
  11. Cinnamon brown – This reddish-brown undertone gives dimension, depth, and warmth to any style.
  12. Burgundy brown – This is considered a shade of brown or red. It is described as a deep reddish-brown hue with a purplish undertone.

Caring for Your Brown Hair

Orange, red, and yellow undertones combine naturally to produce different shades of brown hair.

A common problem with dying your hair brown is that the brassy warm tones may show through your color. Brassiness will give your light brown hair or dark hair a matte, dull look. To help keep your brown hair looking healthy, vibrant, and shiny, here are tips you should follow:

Deep condition frequently

Hair conditioners will keep your brunette deeply hydrated and healthy. To help boost your hair’s shine, use a coloring conditioner.

The hydrating pigmented oVertone Coloring Conditioner contains enough pigment to refresh or maintain your brown hair. It is not just deposit-only but is also free of lightener or bleach. It transforms dry or wet strands in only 10-15 minutes. After your initial application, you can use it whenever your hair feels dry or needs a surge or hue.

For your daily haircare, use the oVertone Daily Conditioner.

Protect your hair from the sun

The rays of the sun will have a natural bleaching effect on your brown hair. And this will cause your hair shade to fade, showing brassiness.

Protect your locks from the sun’s rays by wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Use heat protectant spray

Curling, flat-ironing, and blow-drying can dry out your hair. And dryness will lead to brassiness. Air drying your hair once in a while could help. But if you’re often styling your hair with hot tools, it would be better to use a heat protectant.

The Style Shield Heat Protectant from oVertone will give you the peace of mind and protection necessary while heat styling. It helps prevent damage and color fade caused by the heating tools. All you have to do is to spray the haircare product evenly and comb it through your damp or dry hair before styling it using the heat tool of your choice.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of coloring your hair brown, you have plenty of shades to choose from depending on your preferred style and skin tone. You won’t only be choosing from light, medium, or dark brown hair color. The good news is there are several brown hair color ideas for every personality – be it fierce, sophisticated, or quirky.

When it comes to dying your hair, care is crucial to keep your brown hair looking shiny and healthy. Take care of your brown-colored hair using haircare products specially formulated for your desired shade.

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