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Wear a Stunning Moldavite Necklace to Increase Your Energy and Look Stylish

Moldavite Necklace – Something is alluring about crystals! Today, jewellery designers have come up with attractive jewellery designs using crystals of various kinds. Every crystal has the innate healing properties that make it all the more attractive to the wearer. Hence, they don’t just wear a crystal that looks good but also feels good. And when it gets carved into jewellery, crystals look stunning and impart the wearer with a certain charm and personality.
Have you ever wondered what could happen if you could touch the stars, travel through space, and tap into the unknown centres of the galaxy? When you have moldavite jewellery, you certainly can. When you wear this beautiful green crystal necklace, you can find your secret path to the cosmic Universe. Do you want to opt-in for this journey? If yes, go ahead and take a leap of faith. Whether you want to wear it as a pendant or a necklace, this gemstone will impress you with its naturally good looks and extraordinary healing properties. To know more, you can check out Yoper’s Moldavite Necklace Guide.

Wearing Moldavite Pendants – The Benefits

Usually, the moldavite pendants offer you a centre and front portal to the Universe. Also, the gemstone doesn’t have any limits. You can wear it as a cord, choker, or best chain at the precise length. When you wear a pendant, you have the freedom of changing the chains the way you want.
Some women want to wear this pendant close to their throat chakra to better communicate with the angels and divine guides. If you wish, you can wear it as a choker and keep it close to the throat chakra. Do you feel like wearing this pendant close to the heart chakra to feel the universal love? If yes, you can sport a chain that lies at the front and the centre of the chest.
Do you want the crystal to provide you with meaning in your daily life? You can use a longer chain for the pendant that reaches your torso if yes. Alternatively, do you wish to wear a Moldavite close to the Solar Plexus to provide you with an emotional purpose? The choices are umpteen.

Wearing Moldavite Necklaces – The Benefits

The Moldavite necklaces get layered by length or worn as one statement piece. The necklaces make great sense for those who prefer their jewellery as a complete set. A moldavite necklace is certainly a precious piece of your jewellery collection. It can enhance your aura at any place you go. You will always feel at one with the Universe when you choose a necklace in green Moldavite. Every Moldavite piece was created almost 14.7 million years ago and solidified for eternity. The moldavite necklaces encircle the aura. Other than looking stylish in this jewellery, you can place your hand any time you want over this meteorite and feel a reassuring vibration anytime during the day.

Where will you find Genuine Moldavite Necklaces?

When you wear a Moldavite, it’s one of the best ways to channel some of the otherworldly powers. This stunning and fashionable piece of jewellery can bring in good luck, provide protection from any negative energy, and support positive transformation. However, it would help if you made it a point to buy your Moldavite jewellery from reputed crystal dealers that specialize in authentic gemstones and gemstone jewellery. Hence, it’s a good decision to opt in for the jewellery pieces that get certified by a third-party authenticator.

How can you appear stunning wearing your moldavite Jewelry?

When you have your moldavite necklace, you can come up with exciting looks. You can sport both a new-age and traditional look. And this precious green stone can help you to come out as distinctive from other individuals because you get to share unity with the cosmos. To look stunning wearing this jewellery, you can follow the five ways discussed below:

Wear a Single Moldavite Statement Neckpiece

Stay minimal and look stylish. If you have excess jewellery pieces, you might end up looking gaudy. If you are wearing a chunky silver bracelet and equally chunky rings, you might look tacky. Hence, it’s essential to opt-in for a restrained piece, like a delicate and intricate sterling silver hoop earring. It would help if you remembered that when you wear statement jewellery, it acts as the accent piece, which will draw in the majority of attention to the best feature.

Accessorize Depending on the Event or Occasion

A big moldavite neckpiece looks stunning when you are having a party with your girlfriends. However, it might not be the ideal jewellery for a corporate dinner. Hence, it would help if you accessorized based on the occasion. When you are at work, you can wear a simple pendant or a light moldavite necklace that will look chic yet conservative. When it’s a formal event, you might want to flaunt a couple of precious stones and opt-in for an embellished neck piece. If you have any avant-garde pieces, you need to reserve them for club nights and casual parties.

Wear Simple Clothes

Simplicity can be stunning! You need to keep your clothing as simple and also highlight a Moldavite neckpiece. If you wish to pay attention to the statement pieces, you must stay away from the cluttered design, bold patterns, and glittery sequins. You should try and choose neutral shades to allow your jewellery to shine. In case you want to flaunt the moldavite necklace, make sure to wear a dark or solid colour top so that the focus is on your accessories.

Select jewellery that will Express your Personality

Your moldavite jewellery is an extension of who you are! Hence, you shouldn’t purchase a specific bracelet simply because others have it. Make sure to select one which enhances your taste. Today, you have access to handmade pieces that will add to your look and collection.

Always Buy an Authentic Moldavite Necklace

A cheap imitation will destroy your look. Also, the genuine moldavite crystal might cost you a bit more, but you will have high-end jewellery. Since the value of Moldavite is increasing, it is a significant investment. Today, several jewellery providers have an online presence and provide you with their exquisite moldavite necklace collection. The best online service providers have handcrafted the jewellery and provided you with unique stones. Hence, you can go all out and express your personality with this jewellery piece.

How to check if a Moldavite Neckpiece is Fake or Real?

Each crystal and gemstone have its fake imitations. Usually, a moldavite stone is rare and is also costly. There are chances that the jewellery market might have a few dealers who provide artificial Moldavite stones. Here are a few guidelines that can enable you to detect fake ones from natural stones.
Origin- You will find Moldavite in Eastern Europe. Irrespective of what the claims are, the stones that get sourced from other places aren’t authentic Moldavite.
Flaw – The moldavite gemstone is said to have streaks, bubbles, and swirls in differing green shades. It comes with a distinctive natural texture that gets challenging to recreate with molds. The perfectly smooth stones and the ones that have even colors are made with glass.
The cost – The big chunks of Moldavite are infrequent. It makes them highly costly and is difficult to come across. It’s not real when a necklace boasts big stones at a reduced price.
. The refractive index measurements – Even though the machinery might not be available, the refractive index measurement is an ideal way for detecting the good gemstones from the ones that are imitations.
Grades – When you buy a Moldavite necklace, you need to know the stone grade you are buying. Usually, Moldavite has three grades: the regular Moldavite, medium quality, and museum grade. You will be able to tell about the grade depending on the appearance. The standard grade Moldavite is usually dark in color, is highly saturated and appears like seaweed. On the other hand, the museum-grade is way more translucent and comes with significantly fewer flaws. It also can be smooth on the outside.
Color – If there is a fake moldavite, it will vary in shade from glassy bottle green to other shades. The natural gemstones are available in different green shades.
Sculpting – The real Moldavite is detailed, intricate, and has abstract sculpting. The fake stones appear smooth and glassy. Also, the fake stone comes with a consistent and uniform surface.
The glossy or matte surface – The fake Moldavite comes with an increased matte or gloss finish. Often the fake matte Moldavite mimics the real one. Even though genuine and authentic Moldavite can come with increased surface glass, it is not very common. The one with an increased amount of glass comes with a shiny and wet appearance.
Last but not least, you need to check the transparency. Even though Moldavite is a natural glass gemstone, it comprises of metals and minerals. Hence, it won’t be appearing as transparent as glass. Once you keep these factors in mind, you can style your moldavite necklace well and also opt in for an authentic jewellery piece.

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