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Mehandi Designs Write for Us

Mehandi Designs Write for Us

Mehandi Designs Write for Us – We all know the meaning of Mehendi in Indian ethos. It’s not just an important ritual but also an encouraging thing to do during wedding ceremonies. Whether it’s a unique wedding function or any other festival, mehendi is forever in trend. And also, Every culture has its way and style of applying mehendi. Some fantastic and prominent types of mehendi designs have become trendy among all of the available methods, and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

8 Different Types of Mehendi Designs

1. Moroccan Mehndi Design

Moroccan mehndi designs are unique in their beautiful way, and the best part is that it is recognized for its unisex patterns. And also, The geometric shape, lines, curves, and tribal designs, the Moroccan mehendi designs have their irresistible charm and beauty. And also, Besides those regular Mehendi designs, you can add this one to the best mehendi design and flaunt your hands.

2. Western-Style Mehendi Design

Western culture has also adopted the mehendi trend, which is not linked with their culture or tradition. However, the henna tattoo in Western-style mehendi is getting immensely popular. And also, From geometrical shapes to quirky patterns, contemporary mehendi designs are worth trying as they comprise all the patterns and designs.

3. Indian Mehendi Design

Indian-style mehendi designs are already famous and stunning in design and style. And also, For every age group, Indian mehendi designs have something to offer in their unique and intricate style. And also, From front to back, there are some fantastic patterns in Indian mehendi design, counting some prominent ones, i.e., florals, chequered dots, tracks, and additional traditional ways.

4. Pakistani Mehendi Design

Pakistani Mehendi designs represent values and traditions, including leaves, florals, mosques, mandala designs, domes, and much more, like paisley patterns. And also, It designs are intricate to frame as it has bolder outlines that look stunning when designed on hand.

5. Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are famous for their unique and aesthetic styling and the perfect blend of bold lines and empty spaces. It designs and styling differ slightly from the regular Mehendi patterns as they originated from the Gulf countries. It has unique elegance and royalty, counted among the best mehndi designs.

6. Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design

The perfect mixture of Indian and Arabic style mehndi with all that loveliness and intricacies. One of the most beautiful fusions in mehendi designs. And also, the Indo-Arabic mehendi project has all the patterns comprising leaves, florals, paisleys, dots, then bold lines with empty spaces. And also, If you are searching for something sole in Mehndi design, this is undoubtedly a good-to-go excellent for adorning your hands on special occasions and festivals.

7. Indo-Western Mehendi Design

The mixture of Indian and Western style mehendi design, this Indo-western Mehendi is a faultless fusion. Apart from the distinctive designs and patterns, some other prevalent methods include the short messages and long trails in Indo-western mehndi designs. And also, To get the best of both worlds in traditional and western mehndi design, you can explore the broad array of designs and styles available in this one to adorn the beauty of your hands.

8. African Mehendi Design

African mehndi design is one of the main mehndi designs, which comprises all the tribal patterns. And also, It is similar to the Arabic mehndi design, with empty gaps or spaces and bold borders and lines.

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