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Weight Loss Write for Us

Weight Loss Write for Us

Weight Loss Write for Us – Weight loss can be a symptom of a health problem when it corresponds to a loss of 5 kg or 5 % of body weight in less than 6-12 months. Underlying issues such as unhappiness, anxiety or stress, a tumor, a chronic infection such as HIV, a chronic disease (such as COPD or Parkinson’s).

Taking medications (for example, chemotherapy or medicines for thyroid), drug or laxative abuse, chronic digestive problems or prolonged intestinal infections, eating disorders, undiagnosed diabetes or hyperthyroidism, and want to write exciting articles.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a reduction in body weight caused by diet and exercise or unintentional circumstances, such as illness. The amount of energy determines body weight. If a person wants to lose weight on purpose, eating less healthy and filling food is recommended to create a calorie deficit.

Which is the opposite of consuming too much harmful food that causes weight gain. The amount of calories a person consumes daily to maintain, lose, or gain weight varies and depends on the individual’s metabolism, height, weight, age, gender, and activity level.

Why do Some People need to Lose Weight?

When a person is overweight, they are at increased risk of developing potentially life-threatening diseases. Being overweight can potentially increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes. There is also a higher risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, infertility, and gallstones.

What are Weight Loss Remedies?

The best remedy is contingent on the cause of the weight loss. Occasionally psychological interventions may be necessary; other times, pharmacological treatments are indispensable. Appropriate dietary measures and adequate physical activity may be sufficient at different times.

With Weight Loss, When to Contact Your Doctor?

Seek medical attention whenever your body weight is less than what is considered healthy for your age and height, if you lose more than 5 kg or more than 5% for no apparent reason of 6-12 months, and if other symptoms are associated with weight loss.

What are the Causes of Weight Loss?

Based on weight loss, there may be causes of psychological discomfort due to anxiety or stress, but also the use of drugs or abuse of laxatives. Sudden weight loss can too be caused by chemotherapy drugs or medicines to treat thyroid disease.

How can Weight Gain be Prevented?

Weight gain can be prevented by selecting a healthy lifestyle, which includes improving your eating habits and getting regular physical activity. The goal should be to choose nutritious and healthy foods, such as fruit, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, fish, and legumes. A suitable method is to add these foods to your diet by reducing the consumption of processed and harmful foods.

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