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Mental Health Write For Us

Mental Health Write For US What Is Mental health?

Mental health is a state of well-being when a person realizes his or her abilities, manages stress and adapt well, works productively, and contributes to the environment. Mental health is an important basis for a person because mental health will affect how a person perceives himself, the environment, and understands the surrounding environment.

Causes of Mental Health Problems

(1) Pressures/problems in daily life: work, friends, family;

(2) Trauma and unpleasant childhood life;

(3) Does not have a support system ;

(4) Physical changes;

(5) The presence of serious physical problems;

(6) Unhealthy lifestyle;

(7) Having a family with mental health problems;

Signs of Mental Health Problems

When a person experiences mental health problems, there are generally changes that occur in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Here are the signs:


Have a lot of negative thoughts;

Unable to think clearly so it is difficult to make decisions;

Slower to think;

Having different thoughts from reality;


Rapid emotional changes;

Feeling helpless or hopeless;

Easily feel sad, angry, anxious, and afraid more than usual;



Lack of energy to carry out activities;

Avoiding work or surroundings;

Just want to be alone;

Difficulty eating or sleeping;

Eating or sleeping more than usual;

Fighting with the surrounding environment;

Have unexplained aches or pains;


Understand and be aware of your own mental health

This can be done by understanding the sources that make you feel uncomfortable or depressed and understanding the signs of change in yourself. This can be done by keeping a diary so that a person can understand what makes him good and what makes him bad.

Look for a support system and build a social life

Relationships with other people are important because they can make a person feel valued and confident. Try again to establish communication with family or friends if you have time, either telephone, chat , or even meet.

Take time to do activities that make you calm

Everyone must have activities that make them calm, such as taking a warm bath, reading a book, listening to music, drawing, coloring, walking with a pet, or breathing relaxation exercises. Therefore, take time to do your favorite and relaxing activities.

Practice positive thinking and set expectations

A person needs to learn to be able to see a situation from multiple perspectives and to say positive things about himself. In addition, make expectations that match reality and personal conditions.

Maintaining Physical Health

Physical health can also affect a person’s mental health. Therefore, it is important for a person to get enough sleep, do physical activity (movement) such as exercise, and eat a healthy diet.

Seek professional help if needed

If someone feels unable to cope with the problem or pressure they have, seek professional help immediately. They can go to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help them deal with their problems.

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