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Dementia Write For Us

Dementia Write For Us

Dementia is the damage of cognitive functioning – thinking, retention, and reasoning to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s life and daily activities. Some people with Dementia cannot control their emotions, and their characters may change.


Dementias remain often grouped according to what they have in common. They may be grouped by protein or proteins deposited in the brain or by the part of the brain affected. Some diseases also have symptoms similar to those of Dementia. Some medications can cause a reaction that includes symptoms of Dementia. Not getting enough of certain vitamins or minerals can cause symptoms of Dementia. When this happens, dementia symptoms may improve with treatment.

Risk Factors

Many factors can eventually contribute to Dementia. Some factors, such as age, cannot be changed. You can address other factors to reduce your risk.

Risk Factors that Can remain Changed

The danger of Dementia increases as you become older, particularly after age 65. However, Dementia is not a typical part of aging. Dementia can also occur in young people.

Family history. A domestic history of Dementia puts you at greater risk of developing the disorder. However, many people with a family history never develop symptoms, and many with no family history do. There are tests to determine if you have certain genetic changes that may increase your risk.

Down’s syndrome. By middle age, many people with Down syndrome grow early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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