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Weight Loss Write For UsWeight loss is defined as a decrease in body mass and fat. However, in extreme cases, this condition also includes loss of protein, lean mass, and other bodily substrates. This weight loss can happen intentionally, such as when you are on a diet, or unintentionally, such as when you exposed to diseases as infections or cancer. You can send your article to our official email id


Several factors play a role in weight loss. The principle is that weight is affected by the amount of energy we use in our daily activities and the amount of energy we get from the food we eat. A person whose weight does not change is likely to burn the same number of calories as the amount of energy received. Excess calories that enter stored in the body as fat. Thus, people who want to lose weight can reduce the amount of food they eat or increase the energy they expend through their physical activities.

Deliberate weight loss usually done to improve one’s health and fitness. People who are obese or overweight can benefit significantly from the weight loss process, as health risks can reduced and diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can prevented. Patients who deliberately want to lose weight can do so with lifestyle modification strategies, particularly by using a combination of a low-calorie diet and increased exercise or other physical activity. Other techniques for weight loss include the use of certain medications. For obese patients, bariatric surgery may reduce the abdomen’s size.You can send your article to our official email id

Health Problems

On the other hand, unintentional weight loss can caused by several health problems. The presence of disease increases the body’s metabolic needs, even at rest. At the same time, the disease can cause loss of appetite or an inability to eat so that calorie intake decreases. In addition, certain diseases that affect the digestive system can cause problems with digestion or absorption of nutrients. Excessive loss of calories and nutrients may also occur, especially in patients with chronic diarrhoea or vomiting. You can send your article to our official email id

Some diseases that cause weight loss are malnutrition, chronic infections such as tuberculosis and HIV, chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism or Parkinson’s disease, various forms of cancer, and chronic depression. Digestive system conditions that cause weight loss are parasitic infections that cause chronic diarrhoea, such as inflammatory bowel syndrome or chronic pancreatitis. Holes in the abdomen or enterocutaneous fistulas can also cause weight loss because the body loses nutrients in excess. Some medications, particularly diabetes and chemotherapy drugs, can cause weight loss.

Weight loss that continues and worsens can lead to a health problem known as wasting or cachexia. In this condition, the patient continues to lose weight despite receiving enough calories. Severe weight loss can affect a variety of body systems and can have serious consequences, including impaired healing and immune response, weakened muscle strength, kidney failure, and even death.You can send your article to our official email id

Main Symptoms

Weight loss can be a problematic condition if it occurs too quickly. To lose weight, it is best to lose an average of 1 kg a week. Otherwise, you may end up losing muscle instead of body fat. For no reason, people who lose more than 5 to 10% of body weight in a year or less are advised to seek medical help. In addition, you also advised consulting a doctor if you experience symptoms such as chronic cough or diarrhoea, together with weight loss.

Symptoms of unintentional weight loss are:

  • discomfort or stomach pain
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Physically smaller body size

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