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Acrylic Nails Write for Us

Acrylic Nails Write for Us

Acrylic Nails Write for Us – The aesthetic sector of nail technicians has been revolutionized and updated by the presence of Acrygel. This innovative product has helped to simplify the working methodology during nail reconstruction treatments. Acrygel or Acrigel is a combination of gel and acrylic that combines the compensations of the two products, and thanks to the ingredients it is made up of, it allows you to create resistant and long-lasting nails quickly and easily and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

How to Use It?

Acrygel comes in a tube and not in a jar. To apply it, you need a special brush characterized by two different ends: one part has a spatula to take the product from the tube, and the other a brush with flat-tipped bristles to reshape it and create the curve on the natural nail.

What are the Steps to Apply Acrygel?

The application can be done in several ways:

  • using papers for stretching (or Molds);
  • through the Doubly Tip;
  • through the Dual Forms for more or less light stretches.

Why doesn’t Acrygel Need a Base?

The Acrygel does not need the base because the Gamax method requires a particular protocol of a few preparators. The two fundamental products are a nail dehydrator and an adhesion mediator to subsequently create the structure with gel or acryl.

How Long Does Acrylic Nail Reconstruction Last?

How Long Does Acrylic Nail Reconstruction Last?

Nail reconstruction in acrylic lasts from 3 to 4 weeks, but the nail’s surface must also consider. It affects whether we are talking about a greasy or dry nail, ruined, and the type of season we are in. Once you realize that the regrowth starts to get notice, you can use the Nail Refill, as long as it’s not a more invasive and heavy technique. For example, if it is a 3d Nail Art, we will be forced to eliminate and redo the work.

Nail Reconstruction in Acrylic or Gel

The time has come to compare acrylic nail reconstruction with gel, which is still the most used solution in beauty centers today.

Does acrylic or gel nails cost more?

The application of acrylic nails tends to cost less than a gel nail application precisely because the reconstruction with acrylic is without a lamp, as acrylic is a product that does not require polymerization. This means it simply air dries.

What is the Most Resistant Nail Reconstruction?

Acrylic is much stronger than gel. Once polymers and monomers combine, you have an extremely resistant product, particularly suitable for women who have to deal with daily housework, detergents, and chemical products.

Thanks to the high resistance of this product, touch-ups should be less to affect the monthly expenditure less. Also, among the benefits is that if you break a nail treated with acrylic, it can fix the problem independently.

How Is Acrylic Nail Reconstruction Born?

He was using acrylic nails as a material for nail extension started by accident. In 1954, Fred Slack, a dentist, created nail modeling in Philadelphia. Once he hurt his fingernail while working, he took a piece of solid foil and covered it with a restorative material. Fred made the first-ever artificial fingernail in the world. He was surprised by the result. The nail looked natural, and the pain went away in an instant. The dentist did his first experiments using acrylic toothpaste and nail forms.

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