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Different Types of Injuries You Can Sustain from a Dog Bite

In some cases, a dog’s bark is worse than its bite. But in other instances, the bite is equally terrible. While dogs typically bark as a warning sign and not as an indication to attack or bite someone, they can exhibit aggressive behaviors around humans, especially if they aren’t trained properly.

According to statistics, around 1,000 individuals in the U.S. require emergency medical care for serious dog bite accidents every day. Moreover, over 12,000 individuals need hospitalization and other medical treatment due to dog attack injuries annually.

Fortunately, the legal system allows you to file a claim for damages in case of a gnawing accident. However, it’s best to seek assistance from legal professionals, as there can be several complications. A lawyer will know all about the common complications in a dog bite lawsuit and can resolve them easily. An expert attorney can address all your legal concerns and help you file a claim for several injuries you may have sustained during the bite-off accident.

Let’s look at different types of injuries you can sustain in case a canine inflicts a bite.

Different Types of Trauma Inflicted by a Dog

Punctured Skin and Associated Wounds

Different Types of Injuries You Can Sustain from a Dog Bite

It’s the most common injury resulting from a dog’s grip. The wound is created when the canine’s teeth break into the sufferer’s skin. The longer and sharper the dog’s teeth, the deeper the puncture wound.

Since a canine’s mouth is full of bacteria, a puncture wound can cause an infection. In case of an attack, if the dog’s bite leads to a puncture wound, the injured individual needs immediate medical assistance, even if the wound doesn’t bleed. Timely healthcare prevents infection and provides the required treatment.

Eye Injuries

In some cases, a dog attack can be quite severe, and instead of damaging the skin, the victim sustains injuries on other body parts, including the eyes. The consequences of eye injuries can be devastating.

Permanent Scarring

When a canine snaps at a human, the victim may be exposed to the risk of permanent scarring. It’s a particularly serious concern as young children make up a large percentage of survivors of a dog’s attack and are physically closer to the dogs than adults, making it easier for the dog to attack the child’s face.

The injury is quite painful. Moreover, it may also require very costly, reconstructive treatment to correct the damage.

Bone Fractures

In most dog attacks, the attacker may push the attacked individual to the ground, which results in sudden falls that can lead to fractured bones. Moreover, since the dog’s teeth are tightly clamped around the body part and the individual struggles to push the dog, it can strain muscles and bones and even fracture them.

Permanent Damage to Nerves

A canine has strong jaws and teeth, and if it clamps on any part of the human body, the denticles can penetrate deep into the muscle and can cause damage to the nerves.

Nerve damage is painful and can lead to loss of mobility even years following the injury. Moreover, since nerve damage is often permanent, the damage to any part of your body may not be reversible.

Emotional Trauma

The survivor of a dog’s attack may sustain various physical injuries, but there’s an emotional aspect involved as well. For many victims, the accident can be so traumatic that it can result in emotional conditions like PTSD. Moreover, such individuals may develop a fear of dogs for a lifetime, even if they used to love them as a pet before the attack.


The state law requires all pet owners to vaccinate their dogs for rabies. However, you can still be attacked by a dog whose vaccine is not up to date. In such instances, the victim may develop an infection known as rabies. While the infection’s initial symptoms are similar to cold and flu, it spreads through the nervous system and can lead to coma and death.

If a dog has attacked you, the most important thing is to determine whether the dog was vaccinated for rabies. If the vaccine isn’t up to date, or a stray dog bites you, seek medical assistance immediately.

Dog Bite Injuries Can Be Dangerous

Each dog attack situation is unique, and the consequences can vary. If a dog has snapped at you and you’ve sustained injuries, you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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