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Lifestyle Write for Us – A lifestyle can reflect your attitude or values. For example, you might have a very conservative lifestyle, meaning you don’t spend money on anything trivial or unnecessary or engage in silly activities. And also, A glamorous lifestyle means you spoil in upscale, high-profile pursuits and live luxuriously.

And also, If you’ve got some bad habits, your medic might encourage you to accept a healthier lifestyle, get more exercise and eat more carefully, and want to write exciting articles.

Cultural Differentiation and Lifestyle

Cultural differentiation: how individuals distinguish themselves by implementing original practices.

The Lifestyle

The way of life is the set of practices common to a group of individuals.

These standard practices can concern the types of consumption and the different ways of using one’s time. The method of life also takes into account sociability.

Sociability: A set of social relations specific to a group.

Therefore, consumption, use of time, and sociability are means of differentiation.

The Style of Life

Lifestyle: a set of practices whose coherence comes from the system of values ​​and norms internalized by the individual.

To designate this system of values ​​and norms internalized by the individual, Max WEBER speaks of “the ethos,” that is to say, a set of principles that regulate the conduct of life. And also, In which he distinguishes from ethics as a set of moral values.

In his study on Protestantism, he shows how the Protestant ethos makes it possible to make coherent behaviors that are not so at first sight. And also, the Protestant capitalist’s desire to accumulate wealth and his refusal to enjoy it personally.

Two Explanations of Lifestyles

The “distinction” of Pierre BOURDIEU

Distinction: the phenomenon of differentiation in a hierarchical cultural space.

Lifestyle and Social Class

In his analysis of cultural differentiation, Pierre BOURDIEU gives an essential place to social classes, which retain their ability to influence practices. And also, According to this author, we distinguish ourselves from socially “inferior” individuals but imitate individuals from “superior” categories.

Lifestyle and “Taste”

Individual tastes have a social origin; they classify us because they reveal our conditions of existence. And also, The structure of preferences, therefore, reflects the social network. And also, The social class with a large volume of global capital can impose its tastes and lifestyle on the rest of society while continually seeking to distinguish itself. Ex: the choice of Saint Tropez as a vacation spot replaced by much more distant places.

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