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Plastic Surgery Write for Us

Plastic Surgery Write for Us

Plastic Surgery Write for Us – Plastic surgery indicates a branch of surgery that goals to correct or reconstruct and restore the functionality of morphologically altered organs or systems due to degenerative diseases, deforming diseases, traumas, injuries, or congenital malformations. And also, Plastic surgery aims to restore a normal appearance to the injured part.

And also, To intervene with excellent results, another important branch of plastic surgery is used. A namely reconstructive surgery, aimed precisely at correcting the damage caused by accidents and diseases that alter the patient’s physical appearance.

What is the Plastic Surgery Visit?

The plastic surgery visit is chosen by those who wish to undergo plastic, aesthetic or reconstructive surgery of the face, body, breast, or aesthetic medicine treatments. And also, The professional accompanies the patient in a path personalized to his needs, combining specialization, organization, information, and assistance.

Plastic Surgery Performed More Normally

Plastic surgery’s range of action concerns the face, extends to the rest of the body, and affects muscle, skin, skeletal, and adipose tissues. And also, The most frequently performed plastic surgery processes in recent years are the following:

Scar Correction: Making a scar disappear completely is currently impossible. And also, This is why we always talk about correcting a fault. The purpose of the treatment is to make it less visible and not draw attention to it.

Breast reconstruction: Breast cancer is a dramatic event for a woman. Breast reconstruction after an operation for cancer promotes mental well-being and restores joie de vivre.

What is the Plastic Surgery Visit For?

The plastic surgeon satisfies the “beauty” needs of the individual in compliance with the social responsibility ethics. And also, The plastic surgery visit allows the specialist to evaluate his objectives with the patient and the extent of the defect, providing precise and complete information for a safe and informed decision.

Interventions are carried out in different fields:

  • facial cosmetic surgery (blepharoplasty, head and neck lifting, lip structure, augmentation mentoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty );
  • body cosmetic surgery (abdominoplasty, Gynaecomastia, thigh lift, liposuction);
  • breast cosmetic surgery (mastopexy or breast lift, breast augmentation, reduction mastoplasty );
  • aesthetic medicine (hyaluronic acid implant, botulinum toxin injection, revitalizing treatment).

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