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Drugs are materials that change a person’s mental or physical state. It can affect how your mind works, your feelings and acts, and your understanding and senses. It makes it unpredictable and dangerous, especially for young people. The effects of drugs vary from person to person and from one drug to another.

What are Examples of Drugs?

Commonly used medication charts

  • Alcohol
  • Ayahuasca
  • Cannabis (marijuana/pot/weed)
  • Central nervous system depressants (benzos)
  • Cocaine (coke/crack)
  • GHB
  • Hallucinogens
  • Heroin.

What are DNA Drugs?

A summary. Some drugs target DNA. One of the most important is called Adriamycin or Doxorubicin. Mitomycin is activated in liver cells and adds an alkyl group to the bases, causing DNA crosslinking, which kills cancer cells.

Do Drugs Cause DNA Damage?

DNA is the most important target of drug- and radiation-induced cell killing. The method of killing cells by cytotoxic drugs and radiation has been derived by relating the type and amount of DNA damage caused by the killing.

How Do Drugs Affect Our Genes?

Genes wrap around histones, tightening or loosening them to control gene expression. Drug exposure can affect specific histones, modifying gene expression in local brain regions. Science has shown that manipulating histone-modifying enzymes and associated proteins may be promising in treating substance use disorders.

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